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Assessing your Workforce Analytics Readiness

Assessing your Workforce Analytics Readiness

When You Should Buy, Bring or Borrow in Swp Analytics Talent​

Thursday 3 November · 14:30-15:00 GMT · SWP Conference 2022, London

Many organisations are about to start – or have started – a Strategic Workforce Planning journey. But gathering insights on the future of the workforce requires analytics, right? It is advisable to start from the basics: what is SWP, and why is my organisation even wanting to do SWP?
By starting from the organisation’s objectives, we will assess where we are on the SWP journey, what is our workforce analytics readiness, and what does it take to reach the goal we have set.
One of Roche’s 10-year ambitions is to meet the needs of patients, and requires us to continually create quality jobs that provide people and their families with secure livelihoods, while earning competitive returns for our investors. Therefore, discovering and developing the potential in people to be future-ready becomes a must at Roche.
Questions we’re asking: where does my organisation want to go? Which business questions are we trying to answer? What workforce data do we currently have in my organisation? Do I need to hire an internal SWP analytics team, or contract a vendor? Can we leverage the existing people analytics team?
This session will explore:
  • 1.5 years ago we embarked on the OneRoche SWP journey that we hope will help our organisation to shift from short-term (1-2yrs) headcount planning to a skillset planning mindset
  • We are now identifying the critical skills and roles in our organisation that will become pivotal in the future to help Roche remain competitive, and ensuring quality jobs are created for people and patients.

How artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide us with a future outlook on the skills that will remain in high demand, which will be automated or augmented and where we should retrain/upskill our workforce to be future-proof and the organisation to remain competitive.

Picture of  Vanessa Pietrobon

Vanessa Pietrobon

Strategic Workforce Planning Lead
Roche Group - People & Culture

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Vanessa Pietrobon Workforce Planning Expedia Group

Vanessa Pietrobon

Strategic Workforce Planning Lead, Roche Group - People & Culture

Roche Group

Vanessa is a professional in people analytics and strategic workforce planning. She has dedicated 10+ years to data analysis, planning and models, working across EMEA for several FMCG, Telecommunication, OTA and Pharma companies.

Over the last 5 years, she has focused her work on people insights, planning and workforce strategies. She currently covers the role of Sr Manager, Strategic Workforce Planning at Roche.

She earned a Msc in Marketing from The University of Buckingham, a BAHons in Business & Management from the University of London and a BAHons in English from Queen Mary, University of London.