DataVizLive Data Visualisation Conference

Better Data Visualisation for Commercial Success and Social Good

London, 25-26 February, 2020

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Who is this event for?

Previous attendees at Tucana Data Visualisation events have come from many different domains and sectors.

See below for a selection of fields of work of the attendees over the last 3 years.

Everyone is welcome – any sector, any domain, any country, and any level of technical ability.
Across the three tracks, you will find sessions to meet your objectives for 2020.

3 parallel tracks: choose your sessions, build your own agenda


Learn about building data literacy inside and outside your organisation, and leading the data visualisation capability within your teams and organisation.

Hear how leading organisations are driving adoption of the dashboards and apps created by their teams through education and communication, and connecting good design with business priorities and goals.


Learn about emotional and user-centric UX design, contextualisation, narrative planning and the power of data storytelling. Take away practical advice on bringing your data and dashboards to life.

Discover new approaches to dashboard and customer journey design, and take away proven methods for measuring and improving the adoption, impact and effectiveness of your visuals,


Join interactive workshops and technology walkthroughs exploring a variety of open-source and commercial tools, and learn how to create dazzling visuals and effective dashboards.

Hear from senior Data Visualisation and UX designers, and get advice on where to focus your own professional development to stay at the front of the field.

Business-Critical Topics

Navigating Complexity with a New Data Visualisation Framework

Hear how new approaches towards user role are changing how we think about complexity.

Storytelling with Data: Creating Powerful Visual Narratives

Discover the techniques used by leading global companies for unleashing the power of Story.

Emotional Framing of Data to Draw In and Engage your Audience

See how marketing and data communications teams use unconscious filters for more impact.

User-Centred Design for More Useful Visuals and Dashboards

Learn the framework this company used to ensure all visuals and dashboards are effective.

Making Data Accessible through Interactive Visualisation

Discover this global brand's innovative approach to allow lay users to fully exploit data.

The 20 Minute Dashboard: An Introduction to Google DataStudio

Get a practical and unbiased crash-course in build effective dashboards with this free app.

Building Data Literacy and Designing for Transparency

Learn how to raise the data interpretation ability of your internal cutomers and public audience.

Pathing & Attribution - Visualising Customer Journeys to Boost Results

Discover highly effective techniques used in optimising online sales performance.

Visualising Many Elements in Web Apps: Reasoning & Rendering

Conceptual pros/cons of displaying many elements, and using SVG, Canvas & WebGL.

Building a DataViz Support Function to Partner Across the Business

How DataViz and BI leaders develop project consultancy/partnership teams and models.

How to User-Test and Quantify the Effectiveness of Data Visualisation

Performance evaluation via user testing, and robust frameworks for critical analysis.

Solving Some of the World's Biggest Challenges using AI and Visualisation

From medical data to business intelligence - analysing unstructured data and identifying trends using Zegami.

After the conference, stay for complimentary drinks with all the attendees and speakers

Meet with creative developers, designers and leaders in DataViz, Analytics and BI functions in other companies.
Make new connections – who knows where they might lead…

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DataViz Live will be back very soon in new cities, and returns to London in February 2021

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