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10 & 12 November 2020

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DataVizLive is a conference, showcase and discussion platform for data leaders, information design and UX professionals, business analysts, and data visualisation software developers.

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Lyndsey Pereira-Brereton

Head of Data Visualisation, Bank of England

Create Visuals that Speak to the World

The technology and techniques used at the Bank of England to communicate financial insight to a global audience

Kim Baas

Owner, Insight First

Tableau vs. PowerBI vs. Data Studio

Three leading platforms, each with their own chorus of advocates and critics. Which is right for you, for your organisation, and in which situation? Before you make the investment: join this panel session, ask your own questions, and share your own experiences. (Pro only)

Joshua Smith

Tableau Zen Master, Iron Viz Co-Champion

Nature Does Data

Explore how data is coded into the physical world, and how this can transform your understanding of data visualisation

Matteo Moretti

Co-founder, Sheldon.Studio

Are Narratives the Future of Open Data Portals?

Beyond Open Washing: Discover the design process behind the open data portal for the Italian city of Matera in 2019

Jordan Morrow

Head of Data Literacy, Qlik

Building a Data-Driven Culture and Organisation

What does it mean to be a truly data-driven organisation? What culture is needed, and how is it supported by Data Literacy? Learn from one of the founding fathers of the Data Literacy project.

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