DataVizLive On Demand

Personalised Visuals to Embed Actions in Daily Life

Find out how DataViz can streamline and improve day-to-day operations

Lorraine Sawicki

Founder, Calyxia Design

DataVizLive On Demand

Personalised Visuals to Embed Actions in Daily Life

Lorraine sawicki

Founder, Calyxia Design

Find out how Data Visualisation can streamline and improve day-to-day operations

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Too often, people-related data becomes impersonal through the sheer volume that we’re exposed to, leading to a paralysis rather than provoking the action it’s intended to. How can interactive visualisations allow users to take control of this data and make it useful by embedding it in their daily workflow?

Using social media data on birthdays as a case in point, and the daily reminders that are sent on Facebook, Lorraine Sawicki asks: how do we gauge who to send a personal birthday wish to? Did you accidentally forget to send birthday greetings to people you care about, while feeling burdened for others you’re somewhat connected to but haven’t connected with in a while?

In this workshop, we take data that you are fed almost daily and transform it into something that brings joy and connection. The data visualisation principles learned here can be applied to the user experience for any regular and ongoing presentation of data, and you can create a more engaging and personalised experience for your audience that drives the actions they need to take.

Join Lorraine at DataVizLive on 10 November, and take part in this live workshop – places are limited, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Workshop: Personalised Visuals to Embed Actions in Daily Life

Lorraine Sawicki, Calyxia Design


  • Data, especially data you value and care about, should be used and displayed in a way to value your time and minimise frustration
  • Data visualisations that are used as reminder tools should be pleasant to use and extremely clear with the information presented
  • Symbols are important in your visualisation to convey important information quickly and unambiguously.


  • Finding the true purpose of your DataViz – are you informing once, multiple times, evoking emotion?
  • An iterative design process for interactive DataViz, using Facebook birthday reminders as an example
  • The data ethics of obtaining personal/public data for streamlining your life
  • Artistic flourishes, feelings & moods for the DataViz


  • Learn how DataViz can streamline and improve your day-to-day operations
  • Conider how much to rely on social media for personal interactions
  • Learn how to design an interactive DataViz that you look forward to using.

TYPE: Workshop

LENGTH: 60min

SCOPE: Tactical, Operational

AUDIENCE: DataViz Designers, Privacy Advocates, Wellness Practitioners, Time Management

SKILLS NEEDED: Elementary Github, command Line (osX), general colour theory basics, design process

EXPERTISE: Universal

TAGS: Aesthetics, CX, Ethics, Information Design

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Join this session live - 10 November 2020

lorraine sawicki calyxia personalised visuals
calyxia design lorraine sawicki personalised visuals

Lorraine Sawicki

founder, calyxia design


Specialist in engineering front-end experiences for websites, designing web-based tools and UX/UI interactions. Most recently focused on data visualisations using personal data.

Calyxia Design | I work with small business owners and academic partners to organise data and evoke beauty.


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