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Data Visualisation in the COVID ERA

How the Pandemic has changed the way we visualise and consume data

andy kirk

Consultant and educator, Visualising Data

DataVizLive On Demand

Data Visualisation in the Covid Era

andy kirk

Consultant and Educator, Visualising Data

Lessons in data-driven communication learned from the Covid-19 pandemic

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Few topics have dominated the news so completely as Covid-19 has this year, and people have been exposed to data on infections, mortality and financial impact in the news on a daily basis. The effect of this on how people consume data has been significant, and it represents a challenge and an opportunity for data designers and editors to adapt to the new visualisation demands of the public. Andy Kirk explains these changes, with numerous examples and practical advice on optimising your work for today’s environment.

Join Andy at DataVizLive on 10 November, and get the chance to ask questions and learn more about how our perception and understanding of data has been profoundly changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and its coverage in global media.

Data Visualisation in the covid era: HoW the Pandemic has changed how we consume data

Andy Kirk, Visualising data


  • Throughout the global outbreak of Covid-19, the value of data – and the communication of that data – has been paramount.
  • As an anxious global population collectively experiences this troubling uncertainty, we have looked to our governments, to the health authorities, and to the news media to satisfy our spike in appetite for data-driven understanding.


  • How do contextual factors and circumstances, such as audience definitions and communication aims, shape the journey towards effectiveness
  • The analytical challenges of responsibly and reliably working with complicated, diverse data
  • The importance of thinking editorially – and clearly – about decisions concerning what to show, what to include and why
  • How to bring it all together with design choices that delight and provide insight.


  • Learn about the challenges, responsibilities and successes witnessed in the communication of data about this subject
  • Key lessons to emerge concerning best practices and less recommended practices, as the coverage of this subject and the visuals used constantly evolve.

TYPE: Presentation

LENGTH: 30min

SCOPE: Tactical

AUDIENCE: Data Visualisation, Data Analysts, Presenters, Communicators, Data Scientists


EXPERTISE: Universal


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Andy Kirk

Consultant and Educator, Visualising Data

Leeds (Uk)

Andy Kirk is a freelance data visualisation specialist based in Yorkshire, UK. He is a design consultant, training provider, teacher, author, speaker, presenter, and editor of the award-winning website, launched in 2010.

Over the past decade Andy has had the fortune of working with a diverse range of clients across the world, including organisations such as Google, Electronic Arts, the EU Council, Hershey, and McKinsey.

He has have delivered nearly 300 public and private training events in 27 different countries, reaching more than 6,000 delegates. Alongside his busy training schedule, he also provides visualisation design consultancy with his primary client being the Arsenal FC Performance Team, since 2015.

In addition to commercial training, Andy also has one foot in academic teaching. He joined the highly respected Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) as a visiting lecturer 2013-2017 and taught a data visualisation module as part of the MSc Business Analytics programme at the Imperial College Business School 2016-2018. From 2019/20 he will be teaching on a Masters module at the UCL School of Management.

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