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Building an Analytics Culture

10 Tips and Lessons Learned From the Front Line

steve prokopiou

Director of BI & Analytics, Satellite Communications Company (interim)

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building an analytics culture

Steve Prokopiou

Director of BI & Analytics, Satellite Communications Company (interim)

Building an Analytics Culture: 10 Tips and Key Lessons

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Steve Prokopiou has led the design and roll-out of digital transformation, BI and data literacy projects at numerous organisations over 25 years. In this session, he shares the lessons learned and the must do’s to consider when rolling out Analytics across your organisation.

Join Steve at DataVizLive on 10 November, and get the chance to ask questions and learn more about how to build and sustain a data-driven culture in your organisation at all levels.

Building an Analytics Culture: 10 Tips and Lessons from the front line

Steve Prokopiou, director of BI & Analytics


  • The infrastructure side of Digital Transformation must be accompanied by a culture shift in the organisation
  • How can an analytics culture be created, and most importantly, sustained?


  • Understand your starting point
  • Take the first steps
  • Do, Learn, Evolve, Grow


  • Learn the key steps for scaling out analytics capabilities in your organisation
  • Understand the lessons learned from the front line.

TYPE: Presentation

LENGTH: 30min

SCOPE: Strategic, Tactical

AUDIENCE: Analytics COE’s, people interested in building out analytics capabilities, data literacy etc.


EXPERTISE: Universal

TAGS: BI, Data Literacy, Training, Governance, Community

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Join this session live - 10 November 2020

steve prokopiou inmarsat analytics culture

steve Prokopiou

director of Business Intelligence & Analytics, satellite communications company

london (Uk)

Steve has over 25 years experience in BI and Analytics. Previously Director of Professional Services for Tableau in EMEA, he has helped clients across the globe establish and scale-out their analytics capabilities. In recent years Steve has worked for a major confectionery manufacturer, a leading publisher of scientific and medical journals and is currently interim Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics for the world leader in global satellite communications.

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