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“People Analytics World has been the go-to conference for European people analytics professionals and HR leaders for the last six years, and its new virtual format makes it a truly global event.

With the pandemic elevating people analytics even further, People Analytics World is a must-attend event for anyone working or interested in the field.”

David Green



People Analytics World is a place for a global community of business leaders, HR and analytics professionals, global influencers, and technology developers to connect in-person and online.

It’s a place to grow your network, hear inspiring stories about the future of Digital HR, and share your own ideas about how to get there.


people analytics world

People Analytics · Workforce Planning · Talent Intelligence · Attrition and Retention Modelling

Employee Experience & Wellbeing · Understanding the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Experience

Data Literacy · Visualisation and Dashboard Design · Storytelling and Business Partnering

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Our shared mission is to find ever-more creative and effective ways to solve current and future business challenges through people data and workplace technology:

  • Sourcing and developing skills and capabilities in a shifting labour market
  • Retaining key talent in the face of global competition
  • Evolving a location and acquisition strategy in the era of hybrid working
  • Managing supply chain disruption
  • Driving growth and competitive advantage during economic uncertainty
  • Demonstrating shareholder value through accurate reporting and forecasting

What are the challenges and objectives for your organisation right now?

Come and learn how People Data and Analytics can help you drive business success.

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