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Build or Buy your People Analytics Stack?

Eden Britt Ericsson

Eden Britt

VP, Global Head of People Analytics and Digital Solutions
Angela Le Mathon GSK

Angela Le Mathon

VP Global People Data & Analytics
Ian Cook Visier Enterprise People Technology Ecosystem Analytics

Ian Cook

VP People Analytics

Build or Buy your People Analytics Stack?

Exploring different routes to success and scalability in People Analytics technology

Wednesday 23 November · 15:00-16:00 GMT · Online (Zoom)

The options to Buy or Build your People Analytics technology stack have traditionally been presented as opposites. The rapid advances in demand for more sophisticated insights, and the ability to scale for thousands of users, have flipped this paradigm. Staying relevant to the speed of change within the business, and doing so within the existing cost and talent constraints, will require People Analytics leaders to rethink their technology stack. 

So when do you build, and when do you buy?

Join Eden Britt (VP @ Ericsson), Angela Le Mathon (VP @ GSK) and Ian Cook (VP @ Visier) as they explore how to combine a buy and build strategy to create a lean, scalable People Analytics ecosystem.

Deliver strategic impact at lower cost by getting smart about People Analytics technology.

This session will explore:
  • Developments in People Analytics technology
  • The role of automation
  • The need for scale
  • The need for an agile infrastructure
  • Lessons that have been learned during both routes
  • How to avoid common pitfalls on either side that can lead to overspend, delay, or waste
  • Concrete advice in getting the best of both worlds.

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