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Building Analytics Communities and Networks

Building Analytics Communities and Networks

Delia Majarín

People Analytics Community Lead, Telefónica

Eva Murray

Senior Evangelist EMEA, Snowflake

Neil Richards

Head of BI (EMEA), JLL | Knowledge Director, Data Visualization Society


Greg Newman - Director, Deloitte


45 minutes

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  • Delia Majarín – People Analytics Community Lead, Telefónica
  • Eva Murray – Senior Evangelist, Snowflake / Co-host, #MakeoverMonday
  • Neil Richards – Head of BI EMEA, JLL / Knowledge Director, Data Visualization Society
  • Moderator: Greg Newman – Director, Deloitte

Successful People Analytics implementation is less about the technology itself, and much more about the people using it. If people can build networks and communities for knowledge-sharing and supporting each other’s work, then capability of the organisation goes up, adoption increases, and improved data literacy allows for more data-driven decision-making. 

So how do we create these communities? How do we facilitate connections around the organisation, as well as in other organisations? What are the challenges, where can sponsorship come from, and what reliable tactics can be used to find success in different situations?

In this session, recorded live at People Analytics World 2021, Greg Newman hosts a discussion between three senior figures who are all seasoned experts in building communities like this. They share their experiences in building data and analytics networks, from in-house knowledge centres to regional meetup groups to global movements, and offer advice on how to cultivate these communities for the benefit of all involved.

Key questions include:

  • Why are internal communities and networks so important?

  • How do we raise the visibility of our community (and secure funding for it)?

  • How do we use the internal community to improve both the communities’ data knowledge and the broader business’ data knowledge and build excitement?

  • How do we ensure we build a community that represents our organisations’ diversity, both across functions/departments/geographies and in other ways that are important to our organisation?

  • What is the role of our external networks in supporting us and our work?

  • How do we know if our communities and networks are working?

Empowered by Data: How to Build Inspired Analytics Communities (Wiley, 2020) by Eva Murray

How to Build a Data Community uses concrete insights gleaned from real-world case studies to describe, in full detail, all the critical components of a data community.

Get the book here

Watch the full session on #PAWorldOD

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Delia Majarin Telefonica Swarovski People Analytics

Delia Majarín

Global Head of Engagement & P.A. Community Lead


Delia has worked at Telefónica since 2012, holding different roles in Selection, HR Transformation and Project Management, always with a global focus. She is currently Global Engagement Lead, a role she shares leading Telefónica’s People Analytics community.

Eva Murray Empowered by Data MakeoverMonday

Eva Murray

Senior Evangelist EMEA, Snowflake

Author and co-host, #MakeoverMonday

I’m passionate about helping people understand, work with and fall in love with data by giving them a platform for learning about data analysis and visualisation and for connecting with like-minded people.

I have spent the last 10 years working with organisations and using data to resolve their business challenges, identify room for improvement and help them deliver the best products, services and experiences for their customers.

For the past four years I have been co-leading the largest global social data project – #MakeoverMonday, where I provide feedback and advice to participants as they analyse and visualise data relating to a plethora of topics week after week.

As a person, an employee and a community leader, I always bring ALL of me to my work and projects, enthusiasm and passion included. I love hearing people’s stories and helping them reach the next milestone in their careers, be it through mentoring, coaching or connecting them with others in my network.

I feel comfortable speaking into a microphone on a big stage or into the one on my desk, recording podcasts, webinars and YouTube videos. Sharing stories, experiences, advice and content is one of my favorite ways of reaching people and helping them see new perspectives and find something that moves them into action.

My career has involved public and private sector projects in New Zealand as a consultant, business analyst work in the Financial Services Industry as well as Tableau consulting and training in Australia. Since 2016 I have been based in Europe, working with B2B customers globally to help them maximise the value of their investment in analytics.
I have authored two books: #MakeoverMonday (with Andy Kriebel) and Empowered by Data – How to Build Inspired Analytics Communities.

Neil Richards Groupon Data Visualization Society

Neil Richards

Head of BI EMEA, JLL

Knowledge Director, Data Visualization Society

I am EMEA Lead for a client BI team within JLL, also responsible for internal analytics community building, training and internal events. Previously I had a similar role within the Analytics Center of Excellence at Groupon, and was a Data Visualisation Manager within the Higher Education Statistical Agency.

I have been recognised by Tableau as both a Tableau Public Ambassador and a Tableau Zen Master

I am also Marketing Lead on the board of VizforSocialGood, a community non-profit organisation.

Greg Newman Deloitte Australia

Greg Newman

Director People Analytics

Deloitte Australia

After 20 years travelling the globe (and working in HR Technology), Greg has recently returned to Australia, where he is focussing on People Analytics with Deloitte Australia.

Most recently, Greg led the development of the Client Experience function for Deloitte USA’s People Analytics offering – creating a full-service wrapper to help clients create business value (and visibility) for their People Analytics efforts.

Prior to that, Greg spent five years as the Chief Storyteller and People Analytics Product Manager at TrustSphere, creating revolutionary insights into how employees work and generate value by harnessing the power of Organisational Network Analytics.

Greg also spent 14 years ’designing, building and implementing global HRIS solutions powered by SAP across the globe. He is the author of “Discover SAP ERP HCM” – the first complete introduction to the SAP HCM suite.