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Achieving People Analytics Adoption at Scale

Achieving People Analytics Adoption at Scale

Vicky Joynes Standard Chartered

Vicky Joynes

Global Head of HR - RCFC, Finance, Audit​
Melissa Kantor LEGO

Melissa Kantor

VP People Analytics & Insights​
David Tregidgo Unilever

David Tregidgo​

HR Director - Global Markets Finance​
Ian Cook Visier Enterprise People Technology Ecosystem Analytics

Facilitator: Ian Cook​​

VP People Analytics




Achieving People Analytics Adoption and Value at Scale

How to become a business-critical function

If you build it, will they come?

Just building your practice and generating insights is not enough. How do you get those insights into the hands of HRBPs, line managers, business unit leaders, and the C-Suite – and make sure they’re being used in both strategic planning and day-to-day operations?

Doing People Analytics without getting the relationships, focus and communication right means you risk providing insight the business doesn’t need, and dashboards it won’t use. There is a better way.

Sign up to hear from four experienced leaders and practitioners in both HR and People Analytics. All have developed their own formulas for successfully driving adoption, ensuring the insights generated become embedded in workflows and decision-making across the organisation. 

The group will share their experience and advice on:
  • The perils of generating ‘interesting insights’
  • What can lead the business to embrace or reject your people insights
  • How to build partnerships with the people that you’re providing insight for
  • The language, psychology, and politics of connecting with your customers and gaining trust
  • Ensuring People Analytics projects are sustainable, and lead to increasing investment
  • Lessons learnt throughout their careers, and mistakes you can avoid.

Recording now available – sign up to access anytime.

Together, we will find the key factors and guidelines that drive success, for the benefit of all attendees, whether watching live or catching up on the recording later.

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Vicky Joynes Standard Chartered

Vicky Joynes

Global Head of HR - RCFC, Finance, Audit

Standard Chartered Bank

Passionate about driving personal, organisational and societal change, Vicky has enjoyed a career in HR for over 20 years, in 3 different industries and across 70 different countries. She is driven by an energy and hunger to create healthy and sustainable people-centred organisations and enable business transformation with purpose at its core.

Today she is part of the HR leadership team at Standard Chartered, and joined forces with her colleague Steve Scott, Global Head of People Insights and Analytics, to rethink how together they create a data-driven HR culture that supports strategic value and impact, commercially and culturally.

They focussed on the reason most change efforts don’t succeed… they fail to understand the human elements of change, and focus on the ‘skill’ without also considering the ‘will’.

She provides authentic and honest insights into how empowering cohesion behind a shared purpose, building a storytelling muscle in both the Insight and Analytics COE and HRBP teams, and deeply understanding human behaviour and habits, can unlock the challenge so many organisations face in trying to evolve to a data-driven HR culture. Through their work, Vicky and Steve have developed a detailed diagnostic of the maturity of their own HR function’s data-driven culture, and co-created a series of interventions to address the uncovered gaps and blockers.

In her spare time, which isn’t terribly much with two young children, Vicky is part of a local community charity set up to improve the lives of local homeless people, low-income families struggling to feed their children, and those affected by Domestic Violence. Over the last 18 years she has raised over £100,000 for charity, primarily through physically demanding challenges, inspiring growth and achievement in herself and others, sometimes beyond what was thought possible.

Melissa Kantor LEGO

Melissa Kantor

VP People Analytics & Insights; Global Head of Product, People & Talent

The LEGO Group

Melissa Kantor is Vice President of People Analytics and Insights at The LEGO Group. She is an accomplished Programme and Changes Director with substantial experience delivering global HR, IT, Digital and Analytics initiatives for the world’s leading corporates across sectors, including the Big Four, global financial institutions, IT and bio-techs, as well as Silicon Valley-based start-ups. Her varied background also includes delivery of Finance, Supply Chain, Quote to Cash and other change initiatives.

David Tregidgo Unilever

David Tregidgo

HR Director - Global Markets Finance


I am passionate about People Analytics. It has huge potential to shift HR and business leaders to be evidence led in building high performing organisation with great employee experiences. I am currently working as the HR Director for our Finance teams in the Markets where I am applying People Analytics to how we develop and support our Finance teams.

Prior to this, David was the Global People Analytics and Employee Insights Director. In that role, we brought together data science, machine learning and employee insight techniques to support HR and the business make great decisions.

Beyond this, my experience is diverse, with time in both industry and consulting, working in data science as the CIOs IT Strategy Director, and leading organisation transformation.

Ian Cook Visier Enterprise People Technology Ecosystem Analytics

Ian Cook

VP People Analytics


Ian is an advocate for the crucial role that people play in helping companies thrive. His career has focused on enabling people, teams and companies to perform at their best.

For the last 15 years Ian has been helping leaders elevate their HR strategies and programs through the effective use of people analytics.

At Visier Ian led the development of our market leading solution and now leads the overall strategy for the People Analytics business.

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