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Creating a Sustainable Workforce 

adam gibson creating a sustainable workforce

Creating a Sustainable Workforce 

The moral imperative for Agile Workforce Planning

Thursday 3 November · 09:00-09:30 GMT · SWP Conference 2022, London

In this provocative session, Adam will discuss the ‘three evils’ of the unsustainable workforce, their impact on the UN’s sustainable development goals, and how to solve them with agile workforce planning.

There are ‘three evils’ of the unsustainable workforce that are impacting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This session will speak to the research on 8 key macrotrends impacting audience members, their businesses, their workforce, their customers and wider society. This session will conclude with how implementing an agile workforce planning approach can create a sustainable workforce that shifts those trends for the better.

This session will explore:
  • Three evils of the unsustainable workforce
  • Eight macrotrends that are impacting the workforce, customers and society at large
  • Three ways that agile workforce planning can create a sustainable workforce that shifts those macro-trends.
  • Recognising the ‘three evils’ of the unsustainable workforce
  • Understanding the eight macrotrends negatively impacting workers, customers and society
  • Realising how agile workforce planning can create a sustainable workforce.
 Adam Gibson

Adam Gibson

Director, Strategic Workforce Planning Leader, EY

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Adam Gibson EY Workforce Planning

Adam Gibson

Director, Strategic Workforce Planning Leader


My passion is people: how to leverage the unique strengths each of us bring in order to improve productivity, increase value and engage our workforce.

I have worked with organisations across various sectors to help them align their workforce to their strategy and business goals.

The Agile Workforce Planning methodology was developed as way to help embed a capability focus into business processes in a way that was flexible and sustainable.

Since then, we have implemented the Agile Workforce Planning methodology into many organisations to enable them to unlock the value of their people and achieve their objectives. More recently, the approach has been incorporated into best-practice training from the CIPD, allowing more practitioners to develop these skills.

The more I see organisations enabled to connect engaged people with meaningful work, the more convinced I become of the benefits of Agile Workforce Planning for the future of work.