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Blending Data Sources for Commercial Impact

Blending Data Sources for Commercial Impact

Creating Business Value and Commercial Impact Through Workforce Planning

Thursday 3 November · 15:25-15:55 GMT · SWP Conference 2022, London

As the world moves faster and organisations struggle to keep pace with internal (controlled) and external (uncontrolled) factors, workforce insights and organisational measurement becomes increasingly important. Whether providing forecasting and predicative analysis, or simply timely resource data and reports for decision makers, making the most of total organisation data (internal) and market/industry data (external) will really enable a differentiated service and decision support across HR, Finance, Recruitment and Workforce Planning.

Using a blend of people, finance and operational data sets to support immediate, medium and long term workforce planning. How do you show commercial value through people insights and then execute on the plan?

This session will explore:
  • The value of combing workforce planning and Talent Acquisition
  • The hybridisation of Finance and People data – blending data points to meet complex business questions head-on
  • The importance of technology and data quality – build/buy, insource or outsource
  • In a high-inflation environment, how does recruitment/attrition drive uncontrolled costs?
  • Competitive differentiation in an increasingly asynchronous labour market – getting ahead of the trends.
  • Better visibility and control of workforce data – leading to increased benefit and commercial results
  • Competitive approach to headcount management and talent acquisition – connect the dots
  • Build team capability and co-operation and co-ordination with your finance and operational colleagues
  • Use appropriate scaled approaches for the business need – tactical, operational, strategic planning.
Picture of James Bryce

James Bryce

Group Director, Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition, Kantar Group

Picture of Jen Allen

Jen Allen

Workforce Planning & Design Manager,
Police Scotland

Picture of Sam Fletcher

Sam Fletcher

Head of Talent Intelligence & Analytics, PayPal

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James Bryce, Group Director Workforce Planning, Kantar Group

James Bryce

Group Director, Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition

Kantar Group

Currently leading Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition for Kantar Groups’ global businesses. Previously led Strategic Workforce Planning at Arcadis and PwC Consulting, including roles in their Tax and Assurance businesses nationally.

Multi-sector experience in Workforce Planning, Resource Optimization and Talent Acquisition strategies at scale in global organizations and transformation programs. Extensive experience in Workforce Reporting, People Analytics, Contingent Workforce implementation, Executive recruitment, Employer Branding in large, multinational organizations.

Passionate about the power of people and talent, using workforce data and performance metrics to drive transformation at speed. Focusing on the right insights, operating models and technologies to deliver exceptional commercial outcomes and better enterprise talent performance.

Jen Allen Police Scotland

Jen Allen

Workforce Planning and Design Manager

Police Scotland

I’ve been an HR professional for 14 years, and have been specialising in Strategic Workforce Planning for more than 5 years now – first in Healthcare and now in Policing.

I got into the world of SWP by being unashamedly geeky and data-curious. WHY were we struggling to hire or retain? What people and skills do we think we need and is there a different approach we might take? What do we need our people to be able to DO, actually?

I’m passionate about SWP because I believe it’s the absolute best vehicle for HR to make a tangible, provable difference to our organisations. I’ve seen the difference that following the data and asking questions about alternative ways of working can make – first in my work in healthcare in New Zealand, and recently in creating the first Strategic Workforce Plan in the Scottish Justice sector. My personal mission is to build the SWP and People Analytics capabilities of my HR colleagues, and to help our crucial public sector organisations move from the cycle of reactive firefighting to the calmer shores of planned, meaningful, evidence-based workforce and workload change.

Sam Fletcher PayPal Talent Intelligence

Sam Fletcher

Head of Talent Intelligence & Analytics


Sam recently joined PayPal to set up the Talent Intelligence function, analyzing trends in the global business, economy and employment marketplace. His prior experience includes working with clients in the technology and financial services sectors on executive search and consulting engagements such as workforce localisation, competency assessment, organisational design, workforce reskilling and location studies. Sam is interested in the power of technology to transform how businesses operate and has been a keynote speaker on Blockchain in HR as well as contributing to and writing articles on innovative ways of working and technology applications in HR and talent acquisition. Outside of work, Sam enjoys outdoor activities including walking, sailing and clay pigeon shooting. He graduated from the University of Manchester in English and is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner.