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Successful SWP Implementation Strategies

Successful SWP Implementation Strategies

Workforce Planning implementation is hard, so where do you start?

Thursday 3 November · 14:00-14:30 GMT · SWP Conference 2022, London

Implementing any form of WFP is hard, if you’re to realise all of the benefits it can deliver. But where do you start? What do you need to think about? What might trip you up along the way? David will offer some insights and some original thought on some of the things you should do to successfully launch your own WFP implementation – and some of the things you should avoid.

The benefits that flow from effective workforce planning (and execution) are so many and so worthwhile that I’m not surprised at the growth in WFP practice, roles, programmes and technology. Yet if it’s such a good thing to do, why isn’t everyone doing it already? What makes this hard to do? Where do you start? How do you bring about a successful outcome?

I want to take you through some of my own thoughts and beliefs, based on my own experience of implementing WFP and of helping other organisations to do so. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but break it down into manageable components and, when combined with a clear vision of what you want the future to look like, you can do something amazing and very rewarding.
This session will explore:
  • Don’t Bring Me Down – Workforce Planning can be so beneficial, so what makes it hard?
  • Wannabe – clarify the outcomes you want WFP to deliver
  • You Little Trustmaker – Building Trust across your team, your stakeholders, and your organisation
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Creating a structure for delivery success.
  • Understand how and where WFP implementations can and do go wrong
  • Be clear about how to define outcomes that will resonate and create buy-in
  • Apply a variety of approaches to gaining and holding stakeholder trust
  • Develop a sound implementation structure and delivery framework.
Picture of David Edwards

David Edwards

Advisory Services Director - Planning, Visier

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David Edwards

Advisory Services Director - Planning


David Edwards heads Visier’s Workforce Planning Advisory Practice, helping our customers to develop best-practice approaches to implementing the workforce planning function, in which Visier People: Planning plays a pivotal role. David has an extensive background in professional services leadership, program management and workforce planning, and served in that most recent capacity for several years in NatWest Group.

When he’s not living and breathing the topic, David – who lives in Hampshire with Fiona, his wife of 36 years, and his very yappy dog – enjoys gardening, singing in a soul band, running and not playing golf.