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Creating a Job Architecture

Creating a Job Architecture

The Journey of Creating a Job Family Framework

Thursday 3 November · 15:55-16:25 GMT · SWP Conference 2022, London

Rethinking and restructuring how roles and skills are categorised is becoming an essential next step in enabling Strategic Workforce Planning to be more agile and effective, and better serve the specific needs of the business. Join this final session with Gill and explore how to approach this mammoth task.

This session will explore:
  • An overview of JLR and where we started
  • Gaining stakeholder engagement
  • Developing the framework: benchmarking, top-down and bottom-up
  • The benefits realised
  • Where we are now and further evolution.

How to think about your own jobs architecture through a strategic lense, considering the new work models, employee expectations, skills of the future, and the upcoming shifts in the global labour market.

Picture of Gill Aggus

Gill Aggus

Strategic Workforce Planning Manager,
Jaguar Land Rover

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Gill Aggus Jaguar Land Rover

Gill Aggus

Strategic Workforce Planning Manager

Jaguar Land Rover

Gill is Strategic Workforce Planning Manager at Jaguar Land Rover and has worked in the automotive industry for 30 years, 26 of them at Jaguar Land Rover. Gill has a great knowledge of Jaguar Land Rover having worked in Purchasing, Project Management and Business Management before moving into HR to lead on Workforce Planning; this knowledge is invaluable in understanding some of the challenges Jaguar Land Rover faces in ensuring in it has the right workforce to deliver the business’ objectives.

Gill has developed the infrastructure and processes to support SWP at Jaguar Land Rover, recognising the importance of completing workforce planning at the ‘goldilocks’ point, enough detail to add value but not so much detail it becomes a job, in itself, to maintain the infrastructure.

Gill enjoys living close to the centre of Oxford and can be spotted paddle boarding on the Thames, only on sunny days!