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Strategic Workforce DOING

Realising the Benefit of SWP Investment Through Driving Action​

Thursday 3 November · 12:00-12:30 GMT · SWP Conference 2022, London

The truth is that busy executives, harassed managers and stretched HR teams don’t want data, a beautifully defined problem statement, or even a mathematical model describing how to “close the gap” – they want a prioritised task list and actions that yield demonstrable results.  Matt presents a short case study on realising the benefit of an investment in SWP through actually doing something with the data.

Matt Higgs brings a case study about how to move from Plan to Do, how to keep the plan on track, and how to keep it simple and effective. Attend and join the discussion about ensuring your strategic workforce planning leads to action.
  • Lots of time effort and energy goes into creating the data sources for SWP
  • There are lots of fancy tools out there that can show the data
  • There are lots of conversation about “insights”
  • It’s very trendy to ask for “all the data”, especially in HR circles.
This session will explore:
  • When to stop planning and start doing
  • How to keep things aligned and demonstrate progress.
  • How to make our “geek work” relevant and useful by designing and implementing process and products that drive the right outcomes
  • How to get greater buy-in to the planning process by showing the outcomes early.

Be a part of this launch event for the SWP Conference
Join 12 valuable sessions with other professionals and leaders in Strategic Workforce Planning
Network over drinks in the afternoon – get closer to the SWP community.

Hear from Nick Kennedy about the mission of the SWP Conference, and upcoming content to loom forward to.

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Matt Higgs Babcock International Group

Matt Higgs

Head of Talent Intelligence

Babcock International Group

Innately curious and a self-confessed (and proud!) “Geek” I am an experienced People Analytics, Strategic Workforce Planning and Organisational Development professional with a diverse range of capabilities gained from experience across a wide variety of markets and industries. Combining strategic insights, systems thinking and an analytical, data-driven approach I’ve designed, delivered and embedded innovative talent & capability solutions that drive real value from org design, talent acquisition, and Early Careers, through to building critical technical skills and senior leadership development. My focus is on ensuring that the insights gained form an investment in analytics translates successfully to real-world solutions that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the organisation.