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Defining the Journey from Operational to Strategic Workforce Planning

Defining the Journey from Operational to Strategic Workforce Planning

Thursday 3 November · 09:30-10:00 GMT · SWP Conference 2022, London

Everyone’s journey is unique – there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to strategic workforce planning. As much as it’s an organisation’s journey, it may be also your professional one, and there is nothing more exciting than figuring it all out! In this session, Ausra will share how SWP has been – and still is – evolving within Nissan, and then lead an open discussion with attendees about successes and objectives.

SWP may be a confusing topic to address and implement in any organisation. How it should be approached and what does it even mean? The answer will be very different for different organisation, unlike more established HR disciplines such as Talent Management or Comp & Ben.

Recognising what is needed, and how you can play a part, is a journey self-discovery, and one person’s answers may vary significantly from another’s. And that’s OK. This session is hopefully going to give more confidence and comfort to those who are going through that self-discovery journey at the moment.

This session will explore:
  • SWP – what is it, really?
  • What SWP is for Nissan today
  • What SWP might become for Nissan tomorrow
  • Where are YOU in your journey?
Learning outcomes:
  • Recognise where you are in your journey to bringing your workforce planning to a strategic level
  • Benchmark your journey status with those of other participants
  • Get inspired and find confidence in pushing ahead.
Aušra Gabrėnaitė

Aušra Gabrėnaitė

Head of Strategic Workforce Planning & People Analytics, Nissan Motor Company

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Ausra Gabrenaite Workforce Planning Nissan

Aušra Gabrėnaitė

Head of Strategic Workforce Planning & People Analytics

Nissan Motor Company

Dynamic professional with 15+ years of experience delivering HR analytics with timely, accurate, comprehensive, output to achieve business support objectives. Expertise in consulting with partners in HR, finance, and operations regarding workforce trends and opportunities, internal and external market information, compensation and headcount metrics to enable effective workforce decision making. Operate at the highest levels of the organization to understand the company’s HR functions, practices, data systems and technology as well as analytics and reporting. Proven ability to conduct research and integrate analytic best practice, supporting special projects and initiatives across multiple divisions of the organization.