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Analysis Paralysis – Escape Room

Analysis Paralysis – Escape Room




Mon 25 April

11:30 BST

Open to all
Many organisations are currently still in the middle of their digital transformation. Are you? Play this Serious Game about People Analytics and get to know how “Analysis Paralysis” could create more awareness of data-driven decision making.
Players experience the common pitfalls and challenges when needing to work with a data mindset. The game helps players to reflect on the importance of a data-driven approach within modern business operating models.
Be placed into a group with 3-4  others, and take on this challenge to beat the clock and solve the problem scenario.
  • Pick a team pool: New to Data, Intermediate, Advanced, or Random
  • Be placed into a team with 3-4 others
  • Watch the onboarding session together – understand the scenario, and what needs to be done
  • Work as a team to solve the mystery within 45 minutes, and avoid a PR disaster!
The game puts you in the HR team of a fictional company that is under huge media pressure, following an anonymous interview with a renegade manager. It’s up to you and your team to help the CEO to come up with a robust explanation based on the facts, and save the image of the company.
There is no required level of data proficiency to play the game. Any professional with business-level English should be able to play, and you don’t need anything other than a web browser to join.
Afterwards, join a debrief session to reflect on the lessons learned, and get the chance to try this out at your own organisation…
Game time: 45mins
+30-45mins briefing and debriefing
Open to all visitors, participants and members
If you would like to join as a team (max. 5 people), please contact us in advance.
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