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Virtual Conference - Join us! 8 September 2020

DataVizLive is a conference, showcase and discussion platform for data leaders, information design and UX professionals, business analysts, and data visualisation software developers.

Join this event, and hear about some of the most exciting and effective ideas in data visualisation, visual storytelling, and BI dashboard design.

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David McCandless

Information is Beautiful

Topic TBC


Nadieh Bremer

Freelance Data Visualization Designer, Visual Cinnamon

Creating An Effective & Beautiful Data Visualization From Scratch

Starting from an empty browser, watch as Nadieh live-codes, and takes you through all the nuts and bolts that go into creating a unique, effective and even beautiful chart with d3.js

Andy Kirk

Consultant & Educator, Visualising Data

Creating An Effective & Beautiful Data Visualization From Scratch

Starting from an empty browser, watch as Nadieh live-codes, and takes you through all the nuts and bolts that go into creating a unique, effective and even beautiful chart with d3.js

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Jon Schwabish

Founder - PolicyViz

Elevate the Debate

Bridging the language divide with senior stakeholders and making a real impact with your data visualisation

Anna Whayman

Senior Consultant - Deloitte

Building an Insight-Driven Organisation

How to set up your people and processes to be delivering real business value with Data Visualisation

Jacob Robinson

Senior Data Visualisation Consultant - Deloitte

Learning as We Go

The A-Z of How we Manage DataViz Teams

Emma Cosh

Data Visualisation & UX Consultant

Visual Design Principles for Data Visualisation

Understand how designers think, and how to make any viz beautiful

Lars Verspohl

Owner & Designer - Datamake

Exploring Open-Source DataViz Tools

Discover the freely-available toolkits and webapps that can help you start building impressive visuals and dashhboards

Bridget Cogley

Senior Consultant - Teknicon Data Solutions

Data Ethics | Applied Colour Psychology

Visualisation and literacy for social responsibility (trk. A) | How to use appropriate colour in your visuals (trk. B)

Kim Baas

Freelance Data Visualisation Designer

Google DataStudio: An Unbiased Introduction

Practical walkthrough of DataStudio, and how to set up your dashboards and visuals (not Google-affiliated)

Joshua Smith

Analytics Manager - CoverMyMeds // @data_jackalope

Rethinking Storytelling

Is storytelling always necessary? Exploring other ideas in narrative theory, highlighting examples that are redefining the concept

Fi Gordon

Senior Director BI Strategy - JLL

Viz Guidelines to Empower Analysts

Palettes, templates and training to help analysts build content that enables our stakeholders to understand their data

Andras Vicsek

CEO, Co-founder - Maven7

Visualising Organisational Networks

How to visualise the informal connections inside your company, and identify hidden influencers and change agents

Steve Hulmes

Owner - Sophic

Making Analysis Work for Business

The skills and techniques needed for providing effective analytics to your stakeholders

Nadieh Bremer

Freelancing Data Visualization Designer

Visualising Connections

How to create clear and stunning visuals to show networks and relationships

Simon Beaumont

Global BI CoE Director - JLL

Building an Analytcs Culture

Creating a mindset in the organisation that embraces DataViz and data-driven decision-making

Mina Ozgen

Partner - Aimpoint Digital

Aim, Audience, Alert. Result: Action

Enable data-driven decision making and change throughout the business, from front-line employees to the C suite, with a new design mindset.

Jane Zhang

Freelance Data Visualisation Designer

Making a Living as a Freelance DataViz Designer

Neil Richards

Data Visualisation Lead - Groupon (2x Tableau Zen Master)

Building DataViz Communities

Connecting people across your organisation to share DataViz expertise and inspiration

Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Strategic Customer Success - Salesforce

Understand and Cultivate Data Literacy

How to promote data literacy in your organisation, and allow leaders to see its importance

Gwilym Lockwood

Consultant - The Information Lab

Overcoming Maths Aversion

How to use data visualisation to explain statistical concepts