You are currently viewing HRevolution 01:01 – Building the Greatest Company in the World

HRevolution 01:01 – Building the Greatest Company in the World

HRevolution Sallie Reid ACV Auctions

HRevolution 01:01 – Building the Greatest Company in the World

with Sallie Reid - VP People & Culture, ACV Auctions

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With co-hosts Kevyn Ricini (ADP) and Bobby Spaziani (Beckage)

The #HRevolution is a show leading the revolution of HR for the future evolution of business and work.

Join us as we sit down with leaders in the field and learn from their stories, findings, skills, and ideas on the future of work, inspiring the future generation of HR leaders.

Sallie Reid is a dynamo when it comes to providing value to ACV Auctions – she was brought in to help build one of the greatest companies in the world. Sallie’s own experience of wildly successful employee-first cultures like Wegmans has helped to show her how to be a strategic business partner, the importance of an employee-centric culture, and why it’s worth fighting for.

One thing that’s certain is that Sallie isn’t afraid to make changes and challenge the status quo, if she knows it will make the company and culture better.

In the conversation:

  • How she, as an HR leader, provides value and gets “into the field”
  • Having critical conversations with managers
  • Understanding the business inside and out
  • People Analytics – a new skill in demand today
  • Business and financial literacy
  • The future of work, and where we’re headed as a profession.

Listen and find out how Sallie Reid stepped in to help build the greatest company in the world from her kitchen during a global pandemic.

Would you like to join a future episode of HRevolution? We’re always looking for HR leaders with a progressive attitude and a hunger to change HR for the better – get in touch!

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