You are currently viewing Be Data Lit 01:05 – Data & Taxes (with Jon Agnone, Salesforce)

Be Data Lit 01:05 – Data & Taxes (with Jon Agnone, Salesforce)

Be Data Lit Jon Agnone People Analytics Salesforce

Be Data Lit 01:05 – Data & Taxes (with Jon Agnone, Salesforce)

Allen Hillery & Sarah Nell-Rodriquez talk with Jon Agnone, Senior Director People Analytics at Salesforce

Allen Hillery Be Data Lit

Allen Hillery

Data Literacy Advocate


Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Senior High-Touch Success Manager, Tableau

Sarah Nell-Rodriquez Be Data Lit

With co-hosts Allen Hillery and Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Be Data Lit is about increasing advocacy in the Data Literacy space, while empowering ALL individuals to thrive in a data driven world. Our data literacy focus is on diversity, underserved communities, and non-traditional paths toward success with data.

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Be Data Lit – which is all about Data & Taxes. As the title says, taxes are a central theme to our discussion with Jon Agnone, reformed researcher and People Analytics Senior Leader at Salesforce.

With Tax season right around the corner in the US, what better time to talk about Jon & Allen’s secret love of doing taxes? You’ll also learn about the role of data in People Analytics, recruitment, and more. Jon is changing how people approach Human Resources outcomes with a data hackathon type of approach.

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