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HRevolution 01:05 – Ask Good Business Questions

HRevolution Ask Good Business Questions Jakob Ejlsted

HRevolution 01:05 – Ask Good Business Questions

with Jakob Ejlsted - former VP People & Culture


Kevyn Ricini HRevolution

Kevyn Rustici

Strategic HCM Consultant



Bobby Spaziani

Directior People & Culture


Bobby Spaziani HRevolution

With co-hosts Kevyn Ricini (ADP) and Bobby Spaziani

The #HRevolution is a show leading the revolution of HR for the future evolution of business and work.

Join us as we sit down with leaders in the field and learn from their stories, findings, skills, and ideas on the future of work, inspiring the future generation of HR leaders.

In this episode, Jakob Ejlsted shares with us the importance of asking good business questions to get the most out of your people-related data, instead of just asking HR questions.

Since leadership is typically driven by profits, we need to understand this, and communicate meaningful people analytics that will help the business achieve the desired result. HR needs to be the master “translators” within their business – when we can articulate what the people want and communicate what the business needs, we can create an integrated culture that yields results. 

In the conversation:

  • Basic decision-making roadmap with data

  • Culture Integration

  • How good companies are leveraging people analytics to make key business decisions

  • The importance of having a people-first mentality during times of M&A and organisational restructuring

  • Building a people strategy during a global pandemic

  • Learning the numbers in HR and how to ask good business questions

    And more…

Would you like to join a future episode of HRevolution? We’re always looking for HR leaders with a progressive attitude and a hunger to change HR for the better – get in touch!

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Jakob Ejlksted VP People Strategy Culture BP

Jakob Ejlsted

former VP People & Culture


United Kingdom UK

People & Culture executive, consultant and conference speaker with extensive, global experience in delivering business value through people. I thrive when I can lead, transform and build organisations to deliver rapid change and have been instrumental in taking several People & Culture functions from low maturity to professionally run departments. Creating behavioural change that has tangible business outcomes and building the future of originations are passion projects of mine.