You are currently viewing People Analytics Podcast: Hani Nabeel – Connecting Behaviours to Business Outcomes ¦ TPAP019

People Analytics Podcast: Hani Nabeel – Connecting Behaviours to Business Outcomes ¦ TPAP019

Hani Nabeel of Alderbrooke Group joins the People Analytics Podcast - a series of lively conversations with leading practitioners, thought leaders and tech pioneers from a variety of backgrounds from around the globe.

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Hani Nabeel - Director, Behavioural Analytics, Alderbrooke Group

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David Green People Analytics leader

David Green - Global Director, People Analytics Solutions, IBM

People Analytics writer, speaker and consultant

Co-chair of the People Analytics Forum and People Analytics World conferences, London

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Episode 19: Connecting Behaviours to Business Outcomes

David Green speaks with Hani Nabeel, Director of Behavioural Analytics at Alderbrooke Group.

Hani has been researching ways to quantify and measure employee behaviour, and demonstrate the causal links that contribute to - or detract from - the stated goals of the organisations. It's an elusive concept but one that is becming increasingly essential, in certain industries in particular that are facing stricter regulation and closer scrutiny of the internal culture.

Until now, these have often been largely steered by simple goals such as revenue and productivity, but more complex challenges such as social responsibility, customer engagement, diversity and sustainability.

In this week's episode, they discuss:

  • The history and nature of Behavioural Analytics
  • The research currently taking place into putting behaviours into a practical and useful framework
  • The false assumptions and contradictions that are present in a huge number of organisations
  • The relationship between behaviour and work environment
  • What you can do to identify and cultivate the behaviours that will genuinely contribute to the culture and strategy your organisation needs to flourish.

Hani Nabeel leads Human Capital Consulting for the Alderbrooke Group and is the architect behind the CultureScope solution that combines data on employees and the workplace to provide actionable insight for organisational change and transformation. As well as holding degrees in psychology, Hani was trained as an engineer and is a qualified commercial pilot, a role that sparked his own realisation that behaviour is a key but often obscure driver of risk.


Alderbrooke was founded with the mission of helping organisations achieve their objectives by solving for their people challenges. Alderbrooke delivers on this mission through a combination of executive search, executive team development and people analytics.

David Green is a globally recognised and respected influencer, speaker and writer on People Analytics, data-driven HR and the future of work. He was recognised as Best Writer at the 2015 HR Tech Writers’ Awards, as well as being named one of LinkedIn’s 10 Power Profiles for Human Resources in the UK based on his influence on the site in 2015.

David regularly chairs and speaks at industry events, and in the last 12 months has spoken in 30+ cities around the globe including Sydney, London, Singapore, New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Oslo and Philadelphia. He has been co-chair of Tucana’s flagship People Analytics World Conference in London for the last three years.

David’s role as Global Director, People Analytics Solutions at IBM enables him to help clients apply an analytical, insight led and business outcome focused approach to their talent strategies and people decisions. David is based in London, but his remit covers the globe.

David can be found on Twitter @david_green_uk and LinkedIn as well as via his regular blogs on LinkedIn Pulse and ERE.