connected people analytics

How to Build an Optimal

People Analytics Function

with Professor Andy Charlwood (University of Leeds) and Nigel Dias (3n Strategy)

Webinar recorded 10:00 GMT 07/11/17 - Watch the recording below


In September 2017, the University of Leeds began work with 3n Strategy on an academic report that explores and explains how organisations build effective people analytics functions.


By analysing hundreds of data points that have tracked the growth of leading functions from across the world since 2015, combined with dozens of quantitative interviews with People Analytics leaders, the HR Analytics ThinkTank report explores what different types of People Analytics function looks like, and what makes some more successful - and have more impact - than others.


In this webinar, Dr Andy Charlwood (Professor of Human Resource Management, University of Leeds) and Nigel Dias (Managing Director, 3n Strategy) will give a preliminary overview of thier hypotheses and findings, before the report is released in January.

Watch the video, and you will hear:

  • How successful functions engage (and educate) their senior stakeholders when they start the people analytics journey

  • What different people analytics business cases look like (good and bad)

  • How to decide what direction to grow your function in

  • How to think and plan about your people analytics strategy

People Analytics leaders who take part in the research (which takes 10min online with an optional phone interview) will receive a free copy of the report in January, and a comparison report between their function and various case studies and benchmarks.

2Nigel Dias

Nigel Dias

Managing Director
3n Strategy


Andy Charlwood

Professor HCM
University of Leeds

Webinar in partnership between Tucana and the People Analytics Forum, 3n Strategy, and the University of Leeds