Vladimir Dimitroff

Vladimir Dimitroff

Vladimir Dimitroff

Principal, Synpulse

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Leading Customer Insight consultant on how it can reshape People Analytics


Stakeholder Insight for Engagement and Relationship Management

For more than two decades companies have persistently tried to become customer-centric, embracing first CRM and then Customer Experience Management methods to maximise and extract vale from long-term customer relationships.  Most recent social and digital business trends are also driven by the need for relevance and engagement with customers.  In this continuing process many practitioners have become aware of the critical importance of Employee Engagement and Motivation for better customer experience and relationships.  Studies have shown the correlations and dependencies between the two areas, and efforts have been made to apply structured and disciplined improvement methods.  These, however, remain largely empirical or at best qualitative, leaving much to be desired about repetitive and predictive quantitative assessment of outcomes.

Best practice businesses, along with progressive academics, are striving to bring the same level of analytical insight about employees that has previously been achieved about customers.  Concepts like segmentation and predictive modelling are increasingly adopted by HR practitioners to understand and manage employee relationships, motivation and performance improvement.  In the meantime it was not long before the realisation that other ‘stakeholder entities’ like Suppliers or Shareholders share similar characteristics of differentiation and need for engagement.  Analytical insight is being applied to managing the experiences and behaviours of each of those groups.

The ‘last frontier’ in understanding and engaging customers, employees and other stakeholders is the less-studied area of Emotions, of subconscious behaviour drivers and aspects of the experience.  Early attempts to understand and manage them have been mostly ‘fuzzy’ and unstructured, like the very fabric of emotions themselves.  But with advances in behavioural science and analytical methods (as well as computing power) most recent developments allow a structured explanation and valuable insight into the links between Stimulus (aspects of the experience), Response (the emotions invoked), and Effect (the value-driving behaviours and other business outcomes).

This presentation examines the historical and logical connections between:

  • Employee and Customer experiences and relationships
  • Differentiated (segmented) treatments in the different stakeholder entities
  • Experience attributes, response and behavioural outcomes.

Practical examples and guidelines will be shared for applying such principles in everyday practice for performance improvement and competitive advantage.


Stage: Impact

Analytics maturity level: Medium – Advanced

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Vladimir Dimitroff is a recognised international expert in Customer Strategies and Customer Intelligence.  He has previously worked with leading consulting firms like Round and the Peppers & Rogers Group.  With them and later with PRISM and Beyond Philosophy he pioneered the concept of Stakeholder relationship Management, where customer engagement principles were applied to other entities like Employees, Suppliers and Shareholders.  Prior to the consulting career he held senior posts at technology companies and has post-graduate degrees in technology and business disciplines.

He has helped dozens of blue-chip companies: telecoms operators, banks, insurance companies, retailers and travel/transport companies to maximise customer value and achieve a return in shareholder value.  Programmes he developed for clients have won prestigious awards like the CRM Oscar and the Gartner CRM Excellence Award.  Along his role with Synpulse (a global Financial Services consultancy), he is also a Principal Consultant with Beyond Philosophy, pioneers in behavioural analytics and emotional metrics in Customer and Employee experience management.

Vladimir is a recognised author, researcher and conference speaker on customer centricity, segmentation, analytics and more recently – on employee insight and engagement, digital strategies and omnichannel interaction management.

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