Steve Bianchi

VP People Operations


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Steve is a creative thinker and is extremely passionate about empowering people to perform better. He adopts a Product Owner mindset and his background in management information systems often lends to unique frames being applied to people, organisation and workplace challenges.

Steve is recognised as a top people analytics influencer and his methods often mean that he and his teams have gained practical, hands-on experience with new approaches, tools and technologies well in advance of adoption in broader markets.

Steve truly believes in a connected future whereby one’s ability to influence and manage networks will enable value to be created in ways unlike anything the world has ever experienced. His role as Vice President of People Operations for Improbable Worlds Limited — a British technology company that focuses on large-scale simulations in the cloud, enabling virtual worlds of unprecedented scale and complexity — enables him to be an architect of this future and work to make it tomorrow’s reality.

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