Sjoerd van den Heuvel

Sjoerd van den Heuvel

Sjoerd van den Heuvel

People Analytics Researcher, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

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The Culture and Partnerships that Make People Analytics Sustainable

How can People Analytics become successfully engrained in a company’s strategy and operations? Sjoerd will share his research into the approaches that lead to this success - and the ones that can lead to premature failure.

We primarily hear about success stories on People Analytics, right? But at the same time we face major challenges in terms of building an analytical culture, acquiring the right capabilities, and building fruitful partnerships.

In this session you will learn about the practical do’s and don’ts to make People Analytics sustainable. Which parties should we build relationship with? How can these relationships foster an analytical culture? Should relationships look like one-night-stands, marriages of convenience, or is the occasional dating the route to long-term success?


Consider for example the partnerships with interns from universities. Often, these partnerships don’t mature beyond facilitating an internships or providing some workshops.

In other words: there is lots of dating going on, and many one-night stands take place, but this hardly ever results is sustainable relationships. And what about relationships with consultancies? Do these help you to get some work done, or to cultivate an analytical culture and build internal analytical capabilities?

And then the internal relationships, such as your collaboration with the business or other analytical teams, for example in the marketing and finance departments. Would a more integrated governance be more effective?

In this interactive session, we try to find the recipe to long-term sustainable success!

Analytics Sophistication: All

Day: 1

Track: Future

Dr Sjoerd van den Heuvel is a researcher and lecturer at Utrecht University of Applied Science in the Netherlands. His research focuses primarily on the development, implementation and acceptation of People Analytics.

Besides providing in-company training on People Analytics, Sjoerd teaches People Analytics at the University of Twente and the FHR School of Governance in Suriname.

Sjoerd holds a Ph.D. degree in Human Resource Management and prior to his current position worked as an HR management consultant (Capgemini Consulting), internal advisor (Dutch Postal Service) and assistant professor in HRM (University of Twente).

In both his teaching and research activities, his core focus is on how to bridge the gap between science and practice, because that’s where the People Analytics magic happens!


Articles by Sjoerd:

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HR Analytics education: which competencies should (and do) we develop?

Company: HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Industry: Vocational University

Students: 38,000


The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is a vocational university in the city of Utrecht and one of the largest educational institutions in the Netherlands. It shares its main campus, the Uithof, with the largest university of the Netherlands, Utrecht University. It also has buildings in Amersfoort, 25 km from Utrecht.

Funded by the state, over 38,000 students represented by more than one hundred various nationalities are enrolled at the institution. It offers about 70 different degree courses (Bachelor and Master level) in a wide range of subjects: Communication and Journalism, Economics and Management, Science and Technology, Health care, Education and Social Professions. HU also participates in the Utrecht Summer School, which offers 130 short courses in July and August.


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