Saba Beyene

Saba Beyene

Saba Beyene

Senior Director, Global People Analytics, Walmart (USA)

Building a High-Performance Workforce Analytics Organisation


Learn how the world’s biggest retailer created a small team that can crunch data on 2.2M employees
Managing Walmart’s 2.2 million global workforce takes talent management to an entirely new level. Making the right decisions about talent in 11,000 retail units around the world requires a special team with unique capabilities. Global People Analytics – a corporate HR function, is a growing team of industry experts with backgrounds in statistics, mathematics, engineering and more.
From wages and schedules, to engagement and satisfaction, the team is responsible for guiding the evolution of Walmart’s complex workforce.
This presentation is unique because there are very few companies in the world that match Walmart’s scale and global scope. Global People Analytics is pioneering how corporate HR functions can listen to their employees and make changes in environments where traditional methods don’t work. You will hear an overview of how Walmart uses workforce analytics to improve associate experience and drive customer satisfaction.

Stage: Impact
Analytics maturity level: Early – Medium

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With close to twenty years of experience, Saba Beyene is an industry expert in People Analytics, Strategy and Decision Support. She gained her diverse expertise working in the banking industry, USAID, IT Organisations and Academia before joining Walmart Stores, Inc. six years ago. Saba currently leads the Walmart Global People Analytics, Data Mining & Modeling team, supporting people analytics initiatives and delivering data-driven insights to the Fortune #1 company. She has made a huge contribution at Walmart in transforming HR into a data-driven business partner. Saba is very passionate about the people analytics space with broad domain expertise, overseeing complex analytics projects and ensuring the enterprise is effectively leveraging associate insights on a global scale. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Master’s degree in Statistics.

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