Peter Saville

Peter Saville

Peter Saville

Founder, 10x Psychology

Peter Saville, Chairman, 10x Psychology Limited 

Big Data, Analytics, Algorithms and Prediction: An I/O Psychologist’s View 


What about Psychology and Big Data? Of prediction and decision making? When Paul Meehl published his ‘Little Red Book’ (1954), comparing the success of decisions made by humans versus actuarial decisions, he never anticipated the controversy caused. Algebra won over human judgment. So what have we learnt from Meehl’s work? What of sample sizes, sampling methodology, unconscious bias, the number of predictor variables, linear and non-linear correlation and regression? The need for replication of results from one study to another? How can we gain the potential advantages of big data in HR, Occupational Psychology, Consumer Behaviour, Learning, Education and Marketing, without falling into the trap of one off impressive maths which turn out to be chance without generalisability to further applications?


Professor Peter Saville founded Saville and Holdsworth (SHL) in 1977, floating it on the main London Stock Exchange in 1997, at £240 million. In 1998, Peter was listed amongst the UK’s leading entrepreneurs. He was the only Occupational Psychologist to receive the British Psychological Society (BPS) Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology. His citation read “Peter established Britain as a centre for psychometrics, cementing fair assessment worldwide. Widespread use of his work by major organisations is testament to his remarkable ideas”.


In 2012 Peter was given the highest BPS honour, Honorary Fellowship. The Eulogy read “Peter Saville is one of the UK’s most innovative psychologists with an impeccable global reputation. He developed the Occupational Personality Questionnaires (OPQ), ground-breaking for its time and the first Big Five Personality Inventory. Professor Saville’s services to psychology, applying science to the work place are exemplary”.


Peter has written over 200 books and papers, spoking in over 60 countries. Peter sold his second psychometrics company, Saville Consulting, to Towers Watson for £42 million in 2015. He is currently chairman of 10x Psychology and a Director of Diversity Jobs.


Company: 10x Consulting

Industry: Management Consulting

Employees: 1


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