Paul Seo

Paul Seo

Paul Seo

Partner, Fieldstone Consulting

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Operationalising People Analytics

Generating Quantifiable Bottom Line Impact, and Enabling the Building Blocks for aStrategic Workforce Planning Model

A case study that demonstrates how applied workforce analytics (WFA) generates quantifiable bottom-line impact, and establishes credibility to steer the strategic workforce planning (SWP) direction, with the business at the center.


While most leaderships acknowledge that a Strategic Workforce Planning process is required to survive and thrive in an environment that is undergoing seismic shifts, with a growing liquid workforce and tightening labor market across the globe, it is also a function that isn’t done effectively nor efficiently for many organisations.

One of the main reasons is due to the inherent complexity around measuring the dynamic movement - and its related cost and productivity - of the workforce against fixed strategic and financial goals.  But another reason is due to unrealised opportunities to prove how applied WFA makes quantifiable bottom line impact on the business, to highlight the importance and business opportunity that an effective SWP process can yield.

With this in mind, Paul Seo will break down the logic and steps he took from identifying a process improvement opportunity, applying WFA, and demonstrating quantifiable bottom line impact to the business.

Additionally, Paul will share a trademarked methodology and conceptual framework that compartmentalises the SWP process into iterative components, which enable organisations to assess their current state, and deliver a comprehensive workforce planning model.

And finally, Paul will demo a dynamic SWP model built using a multi-dimensional simulation technique, to test 'what-if' scenarios and connect analytics across the entire workforce lifecycle, to truly quantify and visualise how the workforce does and will impact business results.

The Project

  • Identified operational efficiency opportunity to drive bottom line impact
  • Operationalised forecasting models to improve efficiency and results
  • Translated the efficiency gain into bottom line impact
  • Built dynamic strategic workforce planning model to steer organisation-level HCM decisions
  • Began using DSWP to test what-if scenarios, optimise current operation, and tied financial metrics to the workforce movement
  • Generated over $16M+ in cost savings
  • Enabled analytics and modeling CoEs to expand the usage of DSWP.

What You Will Learn

  • A case study driven examples to highlight the journey from problem identification to WFA application to strategic planning
  • A conceptual framework of SWP to better understand its inherent challenges
  • A framework to compartmentalise SWP, to assess organisational currents, and to initiate enablement process
  • A technique to enable a dynamic and business-driving SWP model that is easy to use and built for your organisation.

Analytics Sophistication: All

Day: 1

Track: Action

Paul Seo is a partner with Fieldstone Human Capital Engineering, a firm that focuses on an empirical side of human capital management by applying engineering principles and techniques to analyse and optimise HCM to drive bottom line impact

Before FCG, Paul was the Global Head of HR BI and Analytics for Marsh & McLennan Companies, where he enabled a global workforce analytics capability across 130 countries from the ground-up and led process re-engineering efforts that resulted in over $10 million in cost savings.

Prior to MMC, Paul spent nearly ten years with HSBC, where he established North America HR Reporting and Analytics CoE in addition to holding various data and analytics focused roles in credit risk modelling, operations analytics, wealth management analytics, and information management.

Paul is a U.S. Army veteran and holds a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Global Executive MBA from Columbia Business School and London Business School.

Company: Fieldstone Consulting Group

Industry: Business Services



Founded in 2016 Fieldstone HCE is quickly establishing itself as a preeminent workforce analytics firm that specialises in deploying engineering principles and discipline to analysing and optimising HCM.   Most notably, Fieldstone HCE deploys a multi-dimensional simulation modelling technique to build a dynamic, fully customisable, and cost-effective strategic workforce planning model that enables risk-free and analytically driven ‘what-if’ scenario testing.   Additionally, Fieldstone HCE has advised Fortune 100 companies on WFA transformation strategy as well as providing foundational WFA training to core HR personnel.


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