Patrick Coolen

Patrick Coolen

Patrick Coolen

Head of Strategic Workforce Planning and Advanced Analytics, ABN AMRO

abn amro people analytics conference

HR as Internal Consultancy: Rethinking How we Sell Analytics to Internal Clients

From Workforce Planning to Machine Learning to Analytics Labs, find out how ABN Amro are changing how they deliver value to different business units.

Interactive session with best practises and examples of how ABN AMRO implemented HR analytics in the last four years.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create business impact with HR analytics
  • How to create actionable insights
  • How to grow in maturity on statistics and data mining
  • How to preach and teach HR analytics
  • How to work with legal
  • How to use new technology
  • How to move towards more fact-based HR
  • How we transformed in the last 4 years.

Analytics Sophistication: All

Day: 1

Track: Future

Patrick Coolen is a senior all round HR expert/manager with over 17 years of experience in HR. He is a member of the HR management team at ABN AMRO and is an expert in HR analytics, HR IT and strategic workforce planning.

With two degrees, one Masters in Management of Information and one MSc in Cooperative Computing, he started his career in IT and moved to HR in 1999. Ever since he has been fascinated with the potential of recruitment, talent and performance management to support business strategy.

Patrick is a true believer of bringing HR back into the centre of decision making by making HR more fact based and data savvy.

Company: ABN AMRO

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 110,000


ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is a Dutch bank with headquarters in Amsterdam. ABN AMRO Bank is the third-largest bank in the Netherlands. It was re-established in its current form in 2009, following the acquisition and break-up of the original ABN AMRO by a banking consortium consisting of Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Santander Group and Fortis. Following the collapse of Fortis, who acquired the Dutch business, it was nationalized by the Dutch government along with Fortis Bank Nederland. It was relisted as public company again in 2015.

The bank is a product of a long history of mergers and acquisitions that date to 1765. In 1991, Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) and AMRO Bank (itself the result of a merger of the Amsterdamsche Bank and the Rotterdamsche Bank in the 1960s) agreed to merge to create the original ABN AMRO. By 2007, ABN AMRO was the second-largest bank in the Netherlands and the eighth-largest in Europe by assets. At that time the magazine The Banker and Fortune Global 500 placed it 15th in the list of world’s biggest banks and it had operations in 63 countries, with over 110,000 employees.


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