Nicole Norris

Nicole Norris

Nicole Norris

Head of Business Operations & HR, Stepstone Pharma

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How to Embed a Data-Driven Transformation within HR and Across the Organisation

Using data and analytics - rather than instinct - to drive smart decision-making can be harder to implement in practice than in theory.

Securing the investment you need can be an uphill battle, and without the support of other departments and senior leadership, an HR Analytics initiative is unlikely to survive beyond the short term.

How do you overcome doubt, suspicion, apathy, antipathy or obstruction, and change people's mindsets?

The Context

  • You understand the value of People Analytics to the business
  • The C-Suite and other departments don't.


  • You have secured initial investment for a limited analytics project
  • You need major investment for a long-term transformation.


  • You have data that is providing you with interesting insight
  • Your HR staff and other business functions aren't using it.


  • Your leadership are keen to follow the latest trends in analytics
  • These trends don't work for your business.

Nicole's session will cover:

  • Approaching stakeholders in the right way
  • Understanding the questions you need to be asking
  • Negotiation and creating the business case
  • Getting support and long term investment for analytics
  • The perils of blindly following current trends
  • Bringing in a methodology that changes how the business operates
  • Changing behaviours and attitudes
  • The multiplier effect, showing value and overcoming pushback
  • Case studies of work done for C-Suite, CEO assessments, successes and failures.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to find the right analogues to grab people's attention
  • How to collaborate from the outset, to make stakeholders fully engaged
  • How to talk about People Analytics in a way that excites people
  • How to create People Analytics champion advocates around the business
  • How to secure the major investment you need to run your initiative over the long term
  • The approach you must take if you are to succeed in gaining the support you need for a sustainable People Analytics programme.

Day: 1

Track: Future

Analytics Sophistication: Early

Nicole Norris has a truly international recruitment experience since 2000. She has lived in/worked in US, Germany, Switzerland, India, China and Italy. She has also been responsible for the recruitment for Europe, Middle East, Africa, LatAm, Asia, (including AsiaPAc and S. Asia) and N. America, She has worked in several types of organizations, including non-profit, multi-nationals, several industries and the scientific arena. She has held roles in Recruitment, Talent Management, HR Management, OD.

Nicole has learned that no matter where you work, the right talent makes the difference for an organization and through her various roles in HR, she understands that it is the people in the organizations that make all the difference.  Nicole's goal is to collaborate for the overall good of the organization to acquire, develop and manage the right talent that can move with the organization, proactively take a part in moving the organization forward towards their goals and become strong contributors and even future leaders in the organization. Nicole believes a strong HR leader can bring true value-add by knowing their organization inside and out, being open to the conversation and contributing to the business as a whole.

Previous roles include: Sr Advisor and acting Chief HRMTA to the United Nation’s World Food Programme; Head of Talent Acquisition Europe and MEA, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Head of Talent Acquisition, World Economic Forum, HR Bus. Partner, Talent Mgmt, OD and Staffing, Novartis; Development Staffing Head – EGM, (India and China), Novartis; HR Manager BU IID, Marketing and Sales, Novartis; Staffing Manager IDTI/HR Manager Commercial IDTI, Novartis; Recruitment Officer, (Scientific), European Molecular Biology Laboratories, (Headquarters and multiple sites).

Company: Stepstone Pharma

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Employees: <1,000

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