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Morten is a partner with proacteur – a consulting boutique based in Denmark. Morten specializes in Leadership and Change as well as People Analytics, always with a strong eye on numbers, evidence and facts. His role is as both an advisor as well as implementing projects.

He has worked for clients within the Financial Sector, Business Services, Energy and Medical sectors. His assignments are predominantly in Northern Europe. His work with HR data and People Analytics includes strategic assessment, governance, profiles as well as operational issues such as getting the right data and analyzing them.

Previously, Morten has worked as a financial analyst for more than 11 years at Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank in London. He advised current and prospective owners about the equity value of the largest European companies. He led his own team with the title of Vice President. He was honoured several times including best analyst in Europe in 2001 in the ‘New Media & Internet’ sector.

Morten holds a master degree in psychology from Aarhus University, a BSc in Economics and Business Administration and has passed the IIMR exam from the UK.

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