Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson

HR Analyst, Nestlé (UK)

As part of the HR analytics team at Nestlé, Michael supports the creation and exploration of insights into Human Capital Management, Employee Engagement, Enablement and a number of other large and varied areas. He is currently working alongside consultants at Deloitte in the planning and creation of a SWP process/tool with the aim of providing a unique approach for the Nestlé UK&I market in the distribution, recruitment and retention of talent.

Other specific areas of focus include:
• The creation of interactive leaver dashboards to provide easily accessible and impactful insight to a broad audience;
• Developing an approach toward analysing absence and attrition across Nestlé UK functions;
• Supporting the end to end employee wellness process with analytical insight and data quality issues;
• Streamlining and standardising reporting processes.
Previous experience includes work with SAP UKI where he supported the solution support function in the analysis of employee utilisation to guide decisions around the allocation of accounts based on a combination of capacity, volume of work, skills and experience. He recently graduated from the University of York in July 2015, where he undertook a BSc in Management Studies that gave him a grounding in statistics, data analysis and general business knowledge.
Michael is a firm believer that data in HR should be a guiding tool only to enable our stakeholders to make informed decisions, rather than be relied on in its entirety, no matter how advanced or accurate a forecast.

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