Martin Oest

Martin Oest

Martin Oest

Interim Consultant/Director, Strategic Workforce Planning & People Analytics (Most recently with Bupa UK and the Metropolitan Police)

Martin Oest is an award winning workforce planning and transformation expert delivering innovative and effective solutions for workforce planning and People Analytics in interim roles.

A strategic workforce planner and practitioner who has worked with over 50 operations, Martin’s experience spans nearly 20 years as a consultant, project manager and operational manager.  His experience covers people analytics, change projects, workforce planning, and operational support in the UK and internationally, across diverse organisations including financial institutions, telecoms and government agencies/public service.

His most recent experience at Bupa (34,000 heads) and the Metropolitan Police (50,000 heads) has seen a £15million saving in solid workforce planning, reduction in effort by 92.5% by introducing new processes and utilising technology to distribute insightful analytics.  Delivering service models for both analytics and workforce planning, building target operating models, creating a ‘single version of the truth’, building and delivering HR dashboards, forecasting and what-if scenarios are all part of what Martin can deliver to an organisation wanting to kick-start their evidence based and analytical journey.

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