Mark Porter

Mark Porter

Mark Porter

Operational HR Manager, OneSource

How to Negotiate your Way into Other Silos, Build Cooperation and Access the Data you Need


  • Do you often find yourself banging your head in frustration because someone has quoted a different figure to the one you have quoted previously?
  • Find it difficult to get data you can rely on?
  • Do you find your managers arguing over the numbers rather than the real story of what the numbers are telling them?

Learn from Mark how organisations across the whole of London have joined up and brought together a wide range of HR data that enables the sharing and benchmarking of data effectively.  Mark will share the story of how that happened and give you some practical tips on how to get others in your organisation ‘joined up’ and working together.

An excellent opportunity to hear about some great work that has been done and to get some ideas for yourself about how you might go about doing something similar in your organisation.

If you’re struggling with a problem, looking for some advice, this is the session for you!
Stage: Workshop

Analytics maturity level: All


Company: London Borough Councils

Industry: Government

Employees: N/A

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