Lance Mercereau

Lance Mercereau

Lance Mercereau

CMO, Rosslyn Data Technologies

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The New HR Standards Supporting the Mass Adoption of Data Analytics

New HR standards are being developed to support the mass adoption of data analytics, including new processes and tools required for more accurate, consistent and effective reporting and analysis of workforce data.

Find out about this new collaborative project, and how it is enabling organisations of all types and sizes to conduct meaningful analytics.

Over the past few months, a leading group of HR practitioners from global organisations across industries has been brought together by Rosslyn Data Technologies to define how the profession standardises the processes and tools required for the successful mass adoption of data analytics.

Attend this session and learn what new standards are being developed for you including a first-ever agreed HR taxonomy and KPIs.

Roger Bullen, CEO, and Lance Mercereau, CMO, both from Rosslyn Data Technologies, will also share:

  • Findings from an extensive end-user survey, which will enable you to assess where your HR organisation compares to peers in leveraging data and technology such as analytics in improving decision-making capabilities
  • The compete value of people data, and when and how to use different types and sources of data to better answer business and HR operations specific questions
  • Practical steps to monetising existing and planned HRIS investments that deliver significant business improvements and efficiencies.

Analytics Sophistication: All

Day: 1

Track: Future

Lance Mercereau is Chief Marketing Officer of Rosslyn Data Technologies (aka Rosslyn Analytics). He has lived and breathed software for more than 20 years, having helped to successfully bring-to-market new and exciting technologies. He started his career during the San Francisco era, advising start-ups on business strategy, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and brand management.

Lance was one of the UK’s early evangelists of cloud-based services when he joined Rosslyn in 2009, promoting its business value to decision-makers including finance, procurement and human resources professionals.

Today, he is actively involved in developing new standards for HR organisations, working with experts to drive the adoption of data analytics in order to better know and engage employees.

Company: Rosslyn Data Technologies

Industry: Business Intelligence

Employees: <500


Rosslyn Data Technologies (aka Rosslyn Analytics) is a software company providing data extraction, data cleansing and data enrichment technologies to clients through its cloud-based data platform. Its client base includes large enterprises, such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Xerox Business Services, Aberdeen Asset Management, and The Weir Group.

The company is listed on AIM, a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange, and is headquartered in London with offices in New York City and Chicago, Illinois.


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