Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

Head of People Analytics, Gannett

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Connecting HR Data with Salesforce to Predict Wins and Boost Performance

Predicting sales wins, using the combination of Sales Rep HR data and Salesforce data. How to overcome resistance and show bottom-line impact.

In this session, Kevin shares the story of how the People Analytics team progressed their predictive analytics work into an area with a direct revenue impact for the company.

The Context

The Media Industry is undergoing a consolidation, with demand for print decreasing while demand for digital grows. Therefore, the remaining players are left with constant pressure to increase Digital Advertising Sales and boost revenue performance.

The Project

Kevin led the People Analytics Team to focus on new predictive analytics projects with direct business impact.

After one of the first projects was a success (High Risk Sales Rep Turnover), additional demand was created which allowed the team to launch an HR/Salesforce Predictive Analytics Project. This project:

  • Created new high value partnerships across the business
  • Merged specific Salesforce Sales Cloud data with HR data to understand the opportunity, activity, and HR drivers that predict a Sales Rep winning an opportunity

What You Will Learn

  • How to expand HR analytics services to make a direct impact on revenue
  • How using descriptive and predictive statistics can give you a holistic view of Sales Rep performance
  • The types of HR and Salesforce data fields that predicted winning an opportunity (what mattered, what didn’t)
  • Take away ideas for applying this approach in a wider organisational context

Day: 1

Track: Action

Analytics Sophistication: Medium

Kevin Moore developed the HR analytics and reporting programme at Gannett to serve all levels of clients across the organisation, consisting of standard reports, ad-hoc reports, predictive analytics, special studies, and employee surveys.

Prior to Gannett, Kevin spent the majority of his career in HR Consulting, serving clients across industries with HR analytics, change management, workforce planning, employee survey, and process improvement efforts.

Kevin holds a Masters in Human Resources Management and is Certified in Organizational Development and Strategic Workforce Planning.

Company: Gannett (home of USA Today)

Industry: Media

Employees: 21,000


Gannett Company, Inc. is a publicly traded American media holding company headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, near McLean in Greater Washington DC.  Gannett owns the USA Today Network (comprising 109 local media organizations in 34 states in the US and Guam and USA Today), Newsquest (a wholly owned subsidiary with more than 160 local media brands) and ReachLocal (a digital marketing solutions company).


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