Jude Fletcher

Jude Fletcher

Jude Fletcher

Technology Solutions Lead, Nestle

Data Storytelling: A Key Component of Our HR Analytics Setup for Business Success


Experience has taught us that showing the data alone is not enough but telling a story with it makes a massive difference. It is therefore necessary to setup our analytics teams with this rule of thumb at the back of our minds as it will enable us win with our stakeholders.
The concept of data storytelling stems from data visualization; many analysts do believe data storytelling is the next evolution of visualization. The key skills needed within our analytics team arguably include the Coder, the Cruncher, the Consultant and not forgetting the Comic Books Artist!
Our focus for this presentation will be on the comic book artist who tells the story to the stakeholders through carefully chosen unambiguous pleasant visualizations focusing on the key theme of the project. We want to make sure that the final deck the stakeholder is taking away is presented with optimum quality, reflects how much work has gone into the project by the consultant, coder and cruncher and last but not the least, that the deck independently speaks the stakeholder’s language.
There are tons of inspiration out there but hopefully our presentation based on our very practical experience will set a more focused direction for this concept of data storytelling.
Jude Fletcher is a technology evangelist with a passion for strategy. Jude’s background is in Software Engineering with a lot practical experience in front end development, back end scripting, database development and design thinking on multiple technological platforms. Data mining and machine learning are areas of special interest to Jude.

Jude has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Poland and England respectively. During the course of his studies, Jude acquired different industrial experiences with a number of companies including Google, working on front end and mobile applications. On completing his education he worked with a number of departments at the university, building and maintaining databases. He then moved to work with Nestle UK & Ireland in 2014 pushing the HR Analytics and technology agenda within HR Operations.

External networking with experts has been particularly rewarding and important to Jude; which has even given him the opportunity to speak about Big Data at United Nations in Switzerland last year.

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