Ian O’Keefe

Ian O’Keefe

Ian O’Keefe

Managing Director People Analytics, JP Morgan Chase

I am an Analytics leader with 17 years of experience leading global initiatives and delivering data-driven insights to Fortune 100 organizations.

What do I know? My career journey has included Big 4 consulting, small business ownership, and corporate leadership roles. Having worked in leading organizations from Silicon Valley to Wall Street – and with functional experience in Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Procurement, Technology, Marketing, and Sales – I am an “all-around athlete” who knows how to translate strategy into action. Exploring the intersection of people, process, and technology has been a driving force throughout my career. I have a multidisciplinary toolkit and bring both breadth and depth to the table. My competencies include: qualitative and quantitative analytics, organizational effectiveness, business process re-engineering, corporate restructuring, change management, and project management.

How do I think? A growth mindset focuses on possibilities, not constraints. Diverse viewpoints strengthen the wisdom of the crowd. I am intellectually curious, logical yet creative, often ask “why”​ and “what if”, and gravitate towards big problems that need solving. I thrive on conceptualizing complex issues, identifying signals amid the noise, and challenging the status quo to drive clear actions and measurable results.

What do I value? Authenticity is saying what you mean. Integrity is doing what you say. Trust is earned. Respect is gained. Courage is doing what’s right, not necessarily what’s popular. If you are not getting better you are getting worse, so lifelong learning must be a priority. Taking risks and letting go of the fear of failure is a recipe for success. And when the going gets tough…Stay positive, believe in yourself, and always keep moving forward.


Company: JP Morgan

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 240,000

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