Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr

CEO, Advanced Performance Institute (UK)

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The Rise of Enterprise Analytics: How to Make Sure HR Stays Relevant


One of the world’s most recognised thoughtleaders, and analytics advisor to C-Suite


  • How to some of the world’s best known companies apply strategic enterprise analytics in practice?
  • What are the latest trends in modern enterprise analytics - including AI, fog computing, data minimisation and analytics democratisation
  • How to companies turn their data into a vital strategic asset
  • What are the 4 pillars of value creation and how can they be applied in the HR and people function
  • Key do’s and don’ts and traps to avoid


Data and analytics are becoming important strategic assets for most companies. In order to reap the maximum benefits from their data, companies are creating enterprise analytics strategies.

In this presentation, world-leading strategy and data expert Bernard Marr will look at how companies do this in practice, he will outline the current state of modern strategic enterprise analytics, give plenty of practical examples and outline the 4 pillars of how companies derive value from data.

He will then look at the implications of all this for the HR function and provide some advice on how to ensure HR analytics stays relevant and applies the latest techniques and tools.


An opportunity to hear from one of the most recognisable names in analytics.


Analytics maturity level: Early - Medium

Day: 2

Stage: Strategy


Bernard Marr is an internationally recognised No 1 bestselling author and board advisor on strategy and analytics.  He has worked with many of the world’s best known brands including Microsoft, Barclays, Google, T-Mobile, IBM, Oracle, Orange, The UN, Nato, and the Ministry of Defense on topics including people strategies and HR analytics strategies.  He is recognised by LinkedIn as one of the world’s top 5 business influencers, won the CMI Management Book of The Year 2016 award (Futures Category) for his book on Big Data and is a regular contributor to Forbes and the World Economic Forum.  You can follow Bernard on Twitter @bernardmarr and on LinkedIn where he has a regular blog.

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