Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr

CEO, Advanced Performance Institute

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The Rise of Strategic Enterprise Analytics: How to Make Sure HR Stays Relevant

As analytics capability and technology is combined across functions, HR can play a critical role and bring valuable perspective, but also runs the risk of being sidelined. Learn how to stay on top.

Data and analytics are becoming an important strategic assets for most companies. In order to reap the maximum benefits from their data companies are creating enterprise analytics strategies.

In this presentation, world-leading strategy and data expert Bernard Marr will look at how companies do this in practice, he will outline the current state of modern strategic enterprise analytics, give plenty of practical examples and outline the 4 pillars of how companies derive value from data.

He will then look at the implications of all this for the HR function and provide some advice on how to ensure HR analytics stays relevant, and applies the latest techniques and tools.

  • How do some of the world’s best-known companies apply strategic enterprise analytics in practice?
  • What are the latest trends in modern enterprise analytics - including AI, fog computing, data minimisation and analytics democratisation?
  • How do companies turn their data into a vital strategic asset?
  • What are the 4 pillars of value creation and how can they be applied in the HR and people function?
  • Key do’s and don’ts, and traps to avoid.

Analytics Sophistication: Early - Medium

Day: 2

Track: Strategy

Bernard Marr is an internationally best-selling business author, keynote speaker and strategic advisor to companies and governments. He is one of the world's most highly respected voices anywhere when it comes to data in business and has been recognised by LinkedIn as one of the world's top 5 business influencers.

Bernard is a regular contributor to the World Economic Forum, writes regular columns for Forbes and LinkedIn Pulse and his expert comments have been featured on TV and radio as well as in high-profile publications like The Times, The Financial Times, The CFO Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

Bernard has worked with and advised many of the world's best-known organisations and has written 12 books and hundreds of high profile reports and articles. His latest book is called ’Data Strategy: How to Profit from a World of Big Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things’.

Company: Advanced Performance Institute

Industry: Business Consulting


The Advanced Performance Institute (API) is a world-leading independent think tank and consulting organisation specialising in the areas of:

  • KPIs & Metrics
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Strategy Management

In these areas they provide thought-leadership, consulting, training and research.

Their clients include international brands such as IBM, Walmart, Oracle, T-Mobile, DHL, Astra Zeneca or Toyota, government organisations such as the UN, NATO, the NHS, as well as many small and medium sized companies. They have worked with clients of most sizes, across most sectors, all over the globe.

The institute was founded by Bernard Marr, who is an internationally recognised expert in business performance and data.

API was established in mid-1990s and is headquartered in the UK.


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