people analytics world conference 2017

We need information from you to build your online profile, in addition to your comprehensive profile that will feature in the printed showguide given to all participants at the event.

A detailed profile will increase excitement and engagement before and during the conference, and boost attendance at your session.


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Get yourself in front of the audience early


  • Complete a short written interview
  • Join a podcast
  • Submit a blog article



Please take 5-10 minutes to answer 6 short questions about yourself, your work and your thoughts on the future of HR and People Analytics.

This will bring the audience closer to you, and increase attendance at your session.

Please click the button below, complete the Word document and return it to David Bebb.


We are recording a series of 45 minute podcasts, each hosted by Max Blumberg or David Green and feature an informal discussion / conversation recorded over the internet via a web browser.

All speakers are encouraged to join an episode, which can be scheduled at your convenience. The topic can be the same as your presentation, or anything else relevant to the broad themes of the conference that will be of interest to the HR/Analytics community.

Click below to begin the process of booking your podcast.


Send us your articles, opinions, research and analysis on topics related to People Analytics, technology, strategic HR, transformation, business analytics and any other topics relevant to HR professionals.

We will publish it (with full accreditation, of course), including a backlink to your own blog if it's already published, and promote it via social media and our network of  media partners.


Information needed:

  1. Social media profiles, if any (Twitter, Google+ etc)
  2. Personal blog URL (if any)
  3. Professional bio (50-200 words)
  4. Session title
  5. Short (20-30w) and  longer (50-150w) summary
  6. The context - what challenge you were attempting to solve
  7. The project - a brief, high-level outline of what you did
  8. The value - what people can expect to learn by attending your session
  9. The analytics sophistication level that the session is aimed at

You can come back and edit your responses any time


Help spread the word about the event


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Whoever's code is used the most will be given free VIP access to all Tucana events over the next 12 months, including People Analytics Forum 2017 and World 2018.

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Contact Us

For any enquiries about logistics, programme copy or anything else related to your speaking engagement,
please contact David Bebb, Head of Operations

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