What Are You Doing to Prepare for Digital Transformation?





12/04/2018 15:30


VP People Operations

Jordan Pettman

Global Head of People Analytics & Planning


Who Should Attend:

The Challenge:

Technology is touching every aspect of the organisation, and it is redefining the way people work, interact, report, manage and progress in their careers.

The Content:

• How do you know if your employees and your culture are ready?
• Data collection and analysis is the lifeblood of digital transformation – do employees understand the benefits? Who is actually benefitting?
• Who owns the data that is collected? What about the aggregate data that is created by the organisation? What does the GDPR say on this?
• And what of the fate of HR? In the world of automation, enterprise analytics and the changing nature of work, how does HR stay relevant?

The Lessons:

Hear a variety of perspectives from HR, Analytics, Strategy and Technology, and take away some inspiration and practical ideas for ensuring your organisation’s structures, culture and people are ready to embrace the future of data, analytics and technology.

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