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Diversity & Retention Week

Diversity & Retention Week

25-31 October 2021

25-31 October 2021

From Monday through to Sunday, get free OnDemand access to 12 fantastic sessions – both presentations and panel discussions, all recorded this year for People Analytics World.

Plus, go live with Adrienne Lo (Director Talent Analytics, Grainger), and find out how her team is identifying drivers of diversity in executive succession using new data sources and analytics.

Diversity Retention Week

Presentations and panels from Visier and global People Analytics leaders:

  • Optimising Network Diversity during Remote/Hybrid Work
  • Approaching Gender Pay Equity through Analytics
  • Driving a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy with Data
  • Analysing and Demonstrating the Value of Neurodiversity
  • Data-Driven DEI: How to Measure and Derive Insights
  • Pre-Hire Talent Assessment: Minimising Bias
  • Driving Enterprise Diversity
  • Accelerating Diversity & Tackling the Resignation Wave
  • Stop the Exit: Improving Enterprise Talent Retention
  • The Value of People Analytics in Improving DEI
  • Business Answers at Scale
  • Ask, Align, Act: A Proactive Problem-Solving Framework

Featuring contributions from these world-class speakers:

Courtney McMahon

Head of Global People Analytics, Colgate-Palmolive

Brian Wiemhoff

Global HR Analytics Leader, Caterpillar

Bennet Voorhees

Head of HR Data Science, Merck

Find out about each of the Diversity & Retention-related sessions below:

Live: 21 October, 16:00 BST (later OnDemand)

OnDemand all week:

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