Impacting Business through People Analytics





12/04/2018 12:20


Visiting Professor

Who Should Attend:

Business analysts, people interested in solving business problems and not just HR problems

The Challenge:

Too often, People Analytics addresses people process issues relevant to HR like attrition, recruitment, and learning and development. This type of People Analytics seldom, however, provides senior general managers (SGMs) with the guidance they so badly need for allocating scarce budgets between competing assets (such as human capital, AI, and customers) to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Or to put it another way, modern People Analytics seems to be more about attrition analytics, resourcing analytics and L&D analytics rather than being about the human capital analytics needed by SGMs.

The Content:

1. The role of human capital in modern organisations. After all, it’s difficult to do analytics on an asset whose role isn’t fully understood.

2. Problems arising from focusing on people problems at the expense of business problems

3. The value profiling methodology for linking people processes to business outcomes

4. A case study

The Lessons:

By the end of the session, attendees will:

1. Understand why it’s important for People Analytics to address business problems rather than just people problems

2. Possess a methodology for identifying problematic people processes which are causing business problems.

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