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Transitioning to Agile HR Analytics

Transitioning to Agile HR Analytics

Jacob Jeppesen

Senior Manager, Data & Analytics, Novo Nordisk

Agile HR | Originally developed for software development, agile approaches are increasingly adopted by organisation that seek flexibility in the face of rapid change. 

However, for many organisations, implementing this approach is a radical transformation of not only how work gets done, but also how decisions are made and new career trajectories. 

Having recently been part of implementing agile ways of working across all HR, this session will present some pitfalls and learnings from the point of view of a People Analytics (now) agile team.

Transitioning to Agile HR Analytics

Agile ways of working are seen as a silver bullet to organise according to a fast paced environment. However, it also facilitates a need to radically change the way work is organised, collaboration patterns and career trajectories. People analytics teams are often suffering from high demand, low capacity and an “everything is important” syndrome. My presentation will address how this is dealt with from an agile perspective, and present some of the key learnings on how to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

This session will cover:

  • Agile ways of working – why
  • Agile ways of working – how
  • People Analytics in an agile context
  • Pitfalls and learnings.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding of how an agile setup can look from an enterprise angle
  • Know how to translate agile ways of working to their people analytics teams
  • Avoid making the same mistakes that we did.

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Jacob Jeppesen People Analytics Novo Nordisk

Jacob Jeppesen

Senior Manager, Data & Analytics

Novo Nordisk

Data Science academic and professional with 8+ years of experience in developing data products – from building the right team of unicorns to evaluating UX and drive ML applications to production. I have a background as a Ph.D. in innovation management from Copenhagen Business School. My thesis revolved around how social networks influence innovative outcomes. Ask me for details – I can talk a lot about this!