Thinking Differently: Harnessing Employee Feedback to Navigate Change





12/04/2018 11:30


Who Should Attend:

This session is for HR strategists tasked with building a foundation for using people analytics to inform the business strategy.

The Challenge:

In order to compete more effectively in a rapidly-changing, complex marketplace, Pentland Brands (purveyors of brands such as Speedo, Hunter, and Ted Baker footwear), set out to make a significant shift to its organisational strategy. Under new leadership, the organisation would restructure, reducing silos, and, in some cases, eliminating redundancies. But even changes for the good of the organisation can have negative effects on the employees who will carry them out – almost always bringing with them ambiguity, anxiety, and even fear. This session will explore how Pentland Brands entered into this dramatic shift with a disruptive mindset, harnessing technology to lean into the concerns and anxieties of their people, rather than shying away, gathering the right data to maintain engagement, improve performance, and ensure the long-lasting success of the business.

The Content:

– The mindset shift organisations must go through to survive and even thrive during times of change
– How to harness employee feedback to look forward – rather than backward – and make the right changes to keep employees motivated
– Advice for gaining executive buy-in for a more frequent employee feedback programme
– Lessons learned in communication, leadership development, and manager action – taking in times of change.

The Lessons:

Attendees will learn:
– How to disrupt the status quo and dramatically shift the mindset around surveying and collecting people data at your organisation
– The importance of more frequent pulsing, and how more data can give you better insights into how your employees are feeling
– How technology can play a role in being proactive about employee engagement, rather a reactive.

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