Systems Thinking and High-Performance Job Design Diagnostics





11/04/2018 09:40


Economist and Senior Research Scientist

Organisations have made a lot of progress on the analytics journey in recent years, gathering more and more data to address a wide range of issues around people and the workforce. Yet the depth of insights has fallen far short of potential because people too often lead with analytics, rather than use it as part of as problem-solving toolkit. We have dropped the ball when it comes to focusing on the right problems to solve and the tools needed to solve them, losing sight of critical fundamental skills like high-performance work design.

In this keynote, Alec Levenson will give an overview of how to use systems thinking to make People Analytics a part of a high-performing part of organisational strategy.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone concerned with the strategic direction of People Analytics

The Challenge:

Diagnosis of strategy execution, operational and growth challenges is compartmentalised to the point that people in different parts of the organisation can end up working at cross purposes with each other, even while thinking that they are doing what’s best for the company. Leaders in Operations, Sales, R&D, Customer Services etc. focus on their objectives only, because it’s not their job to take care of the rest of the company. Failure to focus and align every part of the organisation with the operating model is a major source of strategy failure, and missing sales and profit targets.

The Content:

The answer to this problem is to do Systems Diagnostics:

• Include work design in your people analytics toolkit
• Design jobs, teams and business processes for high performance
• Prioritise which improvements will best increase strategic and organisational performance
• Identify the right objective and subjective measures to improve performance at the job, team and business process levels
• Bring together the business and HR to effectively identify and solve systematic talent and business challenges
• Analyse and decide when to focus on improving current operations, and when to rethink how everything fits together to support the business
• Determine whether to rely on the data in your systems to make strategic decisions, or collect different information and how to get it
• Forge your own path when benchmarks would lead you astray

The Lessons:

The session with give examples of systems models and a process for improving organisational effectiveness and strategy execution. It incorporates the enterprise approach used by senior business leaders and the human capital approach used by HR and front-line managers, which are usually applied separately and fail to find the root causes of organisational problems. The insights have direct implications for enterprise investment that can be used to inform annual planning and budgeting decisions.

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