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Sustainable Productivity and Wellbeing

Sustainable Productivity and Wellbeing




30 minutes

RJ Milnor

Global Head of People Analytics, Chief Data Officer for People, Uber


How can you create a work environment where the workforce can be its most engaged and productive?

What are the processes, systems and mindset necessary to make this happen?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a large-scale shift to at least temporary remote work, many organisations have seen an increase in employee productivity. But this is often accompanied by higher levels of meeting volume, longer hours and lower levels of employee well-being. This can come at a cost to the individual and the organisation.

How do you help your employees balance productivity with wellbeing while working from home?

Can you translate those learnings to a post-pandemic work environment?


Sustainable Productivity and Wellbeing

Employee Productivity, Engagement, Wellbeing, Future of Work

How the lessons from 2020 can translate to long-term productivity and wellbeing improvements

This session will explore:

  • Most common challenges during pandemic / shift to remote work
  • How productivity and well-being has changed during the pandemic / WFH environment
  • Leveraging analytics (and targeted interventions) to improve engagement & productivity
  • Lessons for the post-pandemic world

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to measure employee productivity
    Understand how the ways of working are changing in a WFH environment
  • Learn how to leverage Continuous Listening and Organisational Network Analytics (ONA) to find the drivers of sustainable productivity
  • Take away one key action that you can do to increase productivity at your organisation.

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RJ Milnor Uber

RJ Milnor

Global Head of People Analytics, Chief Data Officer for People, Uber

RJ is the Global Head of People Analytics and Chief Data Officer for People at Uber. He and his team accelerate business impact by providing the data-driven insights, research and products that ignite opportunity, improve productivity and increase wellbeing.

RJ’s responsibilities include people analytics and research for Uber’s global businesses and People functions, people data infrastructure, and people data privacy & security policies.

RJ brings 20 years of global experience improving organisational performance through data-driven talent strategies. Prior to joining Uber, RJ led the people analytics teams at McKesson and Chevron. He has also held leadership positions at Equifax, Citrix Systems, and CEB (now Gartner). He started his career as an investment banker at Citigroup.

RJ earned his BA in International Relations from Rhodes College, and MA degrees in International Relations and International Economics from The Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies. RJ received the Bersin by Deloitte What Works Award for Transforming HR, the Human Resource Executive Top HR Product of the Year, and his work has appeared in numerous books, articles and journals. He lives in the San Francisco bay area with his wife and two children.