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Strategic Talent Acquisition through People Analytics

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Strategic Talent Acquisition through People Analytics

Toby Culshaw

Talent Intelligence Leader, Worldwide Operations - Amazon

Ashish Parulekar

Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Global People Analytics - Capital One

Manisha Singh

VP Employee Experience, Analytics & Digital HR - AstraZeneca

Moderator: Ian Cook

VP People Analytics - Visier

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40 minutes

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The panel will discuss the strategic challenges facing Talent Acquisition functions right now, and the role that data is now playing in achieving corporate and business objectives, as the world continues to adapt to the pandemic. 

We will explore:

  • Solving current and future business challenges, and achieving objectives with TA
  • The power of stoytelling in creating a data-driven culture in TA
  • Democratisation of data, and driving change to become a more effective strategic player.
Strategic Talent Acquisition Analytics Visier Amazon Capital One AstraZeneca

Strategic Talent Acquisition through People Analytics

Finding and hiring the right people is one of the biggest challenges facing business as we navigate the pandemic and plan for the post-Covid future.

While the operational side has its unique challenges, the strategic perspective is also changing, and new elements are being drawn into the decision-making process. As always, data and analytics are the compass for high-performing organisations, enabling robust decisions that make a measurable contribution towards these strategic goals.

What will our business need over the next 5-10 years? How will automation and hybrid working affect our employer proposition? What skills do we currently have in our workforce, do they match our changing operating model, and what must we do to access the talent pools that we need to achieve our goals, now that the best person for the job could be located anywhere in thew world?

This panel will bring together senior and strategic Talent Acquisition leaders at three high-profile companies, and will discuss these questions and more. What are Amazon, Capital One and AstraZeneca doing to use strategic Talent Acquisition analytics to get ahead of the competition? Find out here, only at People Analytics World. 

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Toby Culshaw Philips Talent Insights People Analytics

Toby Culshaw

Global Talent Intelligence Leader - Worldwide Ops


After over 15years in sourcing, research, recruitment and talent intelligence I am currently leading Global Talent Intelligence at Amazon WWOps. I have worked in a number of guises; external search, internal, RPO and I ran my own research firm. The key for me throughout has been and using the data, insight and intelligence gathered through research / search activities to have a true business impact .
Ashish Parulekar Strategic Talent Acquisition Capital One

Ashish Parulekar

Senior Director - Global Head of Recruiting Analytics

Capital One

My mission is to minimize guesswork and bias from people decisions in the workplace. This will not only maximize productivity but also create a more equitable workplace.

  • Currently lead People Analytics (Tech & Staff functions) + Talent Acquisition analytics (entire company)
  • 14 years of experience in developing new financial and digital products for consumers
  • 12+ years of people management and leadership experience
  • 5 years leading lending businesses with $1B+ originations exposure and $3B+ loan portfolios
  • 6 years managing loyalty and rewards programs
  • Deep quantitative analysis, machine learning, and strategy consulting experience.
Manisha Singh AstraZeneca Scalable Analytics Strategy

Manisha Singh

Global VP EX, Analytics & Digital HR


I am a Futurist, Digital Transformation and Analytics Leader with experience in Strategy & Business transformation & People Operations. Presently I serve the Digital HR, EX & People Analytics functions globally at AstraZeneca, bringing the power of Big data, AI, robotics, Blockchain, and digital together, to get our employees and businesses, Future-ready. My purpose is to be a an intentional force in designing the future that loves us all.

I have worked in Energy, Packaged Consumer Goods, Insurance, Telecom, and Manufacturing sectors in multiple global leadership roles. I have a track record of inventing the futuristic operating models, designing innovative products and solutions, and enabling strategic business transformation – positively impacting business growth and accentuating the desired organisational culture.

Business acumen, passion for meritocracy and fairness, and enthusiasm to create sustainable business models are my strengths. I have built diverse tribes across organisational silos, enabled collaborative disruption, nurtured unconventional talent pipelines, and built systemic interventions and high-performing global teams that have delivered successful transformations.

Ian Cook Visier Enterprise People Technology Ecosystem Analytics

Ian Cook

VP People Analytics


Ian is an advocate for the crucial role that people play in helping companies thrive. His career has focused on enabling people, teams and companies to perform at their best.

For the last 15 years Ian has been helping leaders elevate their HR strategies and programs through the effective use of people analytics.

At Visier Ian led the development of our market leading solution and now leads the overall strategy for the People Analytics business.

Strategic Talent Acquisition Analytics Visier Amazon Capital One AstraZeneca

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